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Day 46 (6 weeks post-op circumcision)

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No swelling, no pain, stitches, nor agony

The hard-fibrous scar tissue that existed on top of my penis, under the shaftskin, just below the glans and sutured scarline, was some scarring tissue so hard until it created a pain when I would erect... I had it up until Day 42 (Tuesday, July 31st) my appt with the urologist. He said it would doon go away when the penis's health and wellness improves. Well that scarred area is now flat and smooth, and my inner foreskin can now fully stretch out, when I'm having an erection. So 99.5% of my circumcision's healing has been definately guranteed for me before the end of my 6th week!💪 My 7th week begins on Wednesday, August 8th!

*** I did 1stly masturbate on my 6th week beginning (August 1st, Day 43). It took about 35 minutes to actually build the "normal" sensation needed for ejaculation, comparing to maybe 7 minutes in my "intact" years.

I used plenty of petroleum jelly and the end result was well-needed and deserved. But I don't think I will frequently do that everyday, just because the sensory feeling is no longer there with the foreskin removal. I do still on not having vaginal sex until maybe October or November.

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It looks very good. The doc did a great job on you! Congrats!!

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Thanks Timmy!

Yes, I agree with Timmyboy. Your penis is looking very good and healthy. The surgeon has done a very neat job for you.

You could try a commercially available lube, such as Durex 'Tingle', which you may find provides additional sensation.

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Ok thanks, I will make that incestment

I like when you wrote.. inner foreskin can fully stretch makes one worry whether circumcision reduced penis erect size. I am in my 3rd week and healing well as..had an opening where stitches opened but its slowly closing. Can't wait to have a fully erect penis.

You are good to go .

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Give it few more weeks, Chinstar and then you'll get your penis back. Time is the great healer, and some guys are too impatient to get active again.

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Yeah I had two openings that started from the end of my 1st week and lasted till the beginning of my 4th week with one and the end of my 5th week with the other. Thank God both open pieces of skins laid down, and settle molecularly in the exact spot where they would have been attached by the sutures.

Believe this, it was rough though! When walking everyday, the skins would get interfered with a come back apart. I would pour hydrogen peeoxide on it, and wrap it with a gauze compressly so I could inspire the bonding to happen. I learned that (you only use the peroxide to clean those opened skins once a day. But they will only fuse when both skins are raw and dry).

So with a reopened wound, let that area be as dry as possible, so that the body's science can do its job at reattaching them back to the area. If you can keep those skins still and in place for at least 12 hours consistently, the re-fusing process can begin. However, the stick will need a dedicated 4 days of consistency afterwards to ensure that they won't move during your natural walking. Then it will need like 10 days more to solidify the reattaching and the new tissue forming in-between the gap will act as a natural "superglue" and confirm the bonding. Then within like 3 days, the skins will start to blend in colors. The main thing is to NOT HAVE ERECTIONS, OR ALLOW THEM TO PERSIST LONGER THAN 30SECONDS PERIOD, during the 1st 3 weeks or while a rip is existing along your scarline.

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No, cutting the skin tip does not reduce your muscular-meat's length. If anything, it should allow your meat to fully release itself lengthy-wise.

What normally happens is some men develops this hard scar tissue on top of the penis shaft somewhere. That fibrous tissue is non-flexible while at its worst. So when those men who has it get erected, if the tough tissue is holding on two different portions of the shaft meat, its equivalent to "a strong brother holding a little brother's hand, and stopping him from running wild in the toy store".

When the men are attempting an erection, that fibrous tissue will act as a prohibitor or like a chain-lock and stop the penis from reaching its maximum length, or it can make the erection be discouraged and not last long (common reason for erectile dysfunction), or it can make the penis bend upward at a slight angle.

Other than that big nuisance of scar tissue on the penis itself, and under the shaft's skin, your penis length should not be reduced due to surgery🚫🚫🚫

In a matter of fact, mine's particularly has gotten longer, fatter, and I have firmer erections. My old foreskin actually was concealing and preserving my penis's full potential😆😆😆 I will post a pic of my full-pledge erection. I wish I had the old pics to compare it too. I might in my old cellphones

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I was 'done' many years ago, long before digital photography/mobile phones etc were available, and although I wish I had a couple of pictures of my penis before the op, just to remind myself what it looked like (I've by now all but forgotten), it would not have been easy in practice to do so. In those days of photographic film, the vast majority of developing and printing was done by commercial laboratories, most of which quite properly, and for obvious reasons, had very strict guidelines when it came to processing, developing and printing certain categories of pictures.

Your circumcision looks good. It seems to have healed nicely.

Your loss of sensation, as indicated by your increase in masturbation time, is normal. It occurs because you have lost so many nerves in the foreskin.

This is one reason, we encourage men to seek conservative non-surgical treatment, if possible.

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