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Lump under skin following circumcision 10 days PO (Pic)


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Hi guys,

I'm 10 days PO & it's been relatively okay, the odd problems with stitches & erections but otherwise manageable, I was having a salt bath this morning & noticed a firm lump, it's about the size of a large pea, just below the cut line on the top left side (my knob is twisted around in the pic to get a better angle so it's the lower swelling, it's been there for a several days as i would massage it with ice but I assumed it was swelling & scarring. No discharge, smell or anything but it's also slightly reddish but not hot to touch. I've requested a GP call back but was hoping I could get some advice from any of you please?!

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Its really hard to tell what it could. It could be a cyst, it could be some residual swelling, but I am neither doctor, nor a nurse. Is the swelling covering part of your penis head? Normally I would think it is bellow the incision part so it might not be really connected to your circumcision, but if it is the case of the swelling pushing your remaining foreskin over the head, which should subside once the swelling is gone, then it still could be.

M4rr15 in reply to Cipher

Thanks for your reply,

I visited my GP who had a good prod around & thinks it's just swelling, he said as it doesn't smell or ooze pus etc it's unlikely to be an infection but did take swabs in case it doesn't improve. I guess it's still only 10 days & it's quite a traumatic area to operate on. Time will heal it I guess 😏

JD98 in reply to M4rr15

I have the same thing on the top of my penis .just under the incision site . Its not as swollen as yours .but I think it would go away with time

Thank you, I have been doing that after you advised it from around day 3. It's soothing and hopefully it will help but

I'm quite annoyed now however as I had a salt bath today & the remaining scabs etc came away and it looks really tidy apart from this bloody lump. It feels like a really noticeable firm ball under the skin & the skin is slightly pink but no smell or puss.

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