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Lump under skin

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Hi, I got cut 2 weeks ago, and everything’s been fine, except a little dry skin on the head but I’ve been told that’s normal. Tonight I have noticed there’s a weird sharp lump under my skin that hasn’t been there before. I have no idea what it is, and it’s very small but I’m now very aware of it- anyone know what it could be? And should I call a doctor? I tried to take a photo but it’s not visible at all so it wouldn’t help.

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Like a small pea? Fairly firm but mobile? Mostly likely lymphatic swelling.

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Guyguy132 in reply to Fookidooki

No, it’s like a solid line, not overly long. It doesn’t really move and feels almost sharp? It isn’t painful I’m just very aware of it

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Fookidooki in reply to Guyguy132

Where is it in relation to the incision?

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Guyguy132 in reply to Fookidooki

A bit below, so i don’t know if it’s related or not

Does it encircle the shaft?

Nope it’s just a short line going down the way, it’s very small around half a centimetre, but I’m very aware of it

It’s not uncommon for circumcisions to result in unexplained marks or scars. Probably nothing to worry about. It could be from a clamp used during the procedure. You can see actual operations being performed on YouTube. Check it out. There are numerous methods used.

But it only appeared the other night is why I find it weird, almost 2 weeks after? Strange

I’m really not at all, I’d much rather it was fine. Why would I want to be having issues? Makes no sense

It should all sort out in six months.

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