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Burning sensation on my balls

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My balls were itching and after I gave them a little scratching my skin peeled of a bit and now I have a burning sensation even when I shower. Any tips on how to heal my wound...?

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Apply Zole F or Kenacomb ointment locally

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I'll look it up thanks

Let it scab over and it should heal relatively quickly. Applying an ointment or petroleum jelly over the open area before you shower should help protect it while showering.

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Will do thanks

I would put some Vaseline on that area.

MY balls have itched for years I put a little Vaseline on them each morning, that helps.

You may have jock itch or sime type of bacterial infection. Do you shower and change your underwear everyday, or do you shower maybe like every 2 days? I ask this elementary question because I had itchy balls during a part of my 10th grade year in high school. I wasn't showering or bathing every single day. So surface dirt and day's old ball-sweat would irritate my scrotum and the tip of my foreskin. I was itching for a few weeks nonstop!

My uncle asked me if I bathe when I get home from school; I told him no, not everyday! Hw told me that my black ass need to start doing so!!!!😂😂😂 I did, and never had the priblem since💯😇

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Haha yea buddy I shower twice a day when I go to the gym

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