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Burning sensation two years after circumcision


I think i still haven’t adjusted to sexual stimulation since i had to be circumcised, normal sex is less bad because of wearing a condom, (although my penis still can be a bit soar after), but masterbation is still challenging, I had taken to wearing a condom for masterbating but its not a solution, and even using lots of lube it leaves a burning sensation for a while after. It also means fellatio is still uncomfortable, which really sucks, if you pardon the pun. In all seriousness It does limit my ability to be fully stimulated sexually, Sort of at a loose end on what to do about it.

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As far as I read from your describtion, it might be that you got an urinary tract infection. Does it burns after you pee?!

I will look into that, thanks

The most important nerves are in the foreskin. When the foreskin is amputated, it results in a permanent loss of sensation. This is well documented, so your physician should have told you about loss of sensation.


Some men turn to non-surgical foreskin restoration to get back some of their loss.


WillyRandall in reply to Bucky85

I was told about that, and was fully aware of the loss of sensation involved. The issue here though isn't loss of sensitivity, if anything there feels like too much sensitivity (just below the glands.) Which is why it's easier to be stimulated pleasurably with a condom on.

I will make a note of that non-surgical restoration though as it sounds interesting.

Loss of sensitivity after circumcision is a lie. It is still the same. The head and the skin nerves heal up and it is just the same like you burn or cut another part of your skin for example your finger and you still feel the heat and the cold. The sensitivity is about being emotianally in shape. Sometimes you need a burning desire for sex and sometimes you do not even think about it. To me it feels now that I have cut my friend, better and girls like it. I like it too.

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