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How long should I wait?


What is the recommended time to wait after a circumcision before asking doctor for a second surgery? Mine was done about 2 months ago, but there is a lot of skin remaining and it's causing some issues. The image in this post shows about half erect. When flaccid, the glands are hidden completely.

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Hey have you got an adhesion or skin bridge? I still have problems with mine after the circumsition, and need to see a doctor (again!)

B_m_ in reply to Mike1603

Luckily, no. Mine is more that he didn't take enough off so it is like I got half a circumcision. The skin that I have left comes about halfway down the glands. I'll try and post a picture later so y'all have a better understanding.


Go to your surgeon

I think you are very fortunate to have much foreskin left after a circumcision. You have a retractable foreskin that does what it is supposed to do.


B_m_ in reply to Bucky85

I would have initially agreed with you, but I'm still having YI's and that was the main reason for having the procedure. Also, the extra skin gets in the way when I'm having a bowl movement and have to urinate while sitting. In other words, it causes urine to run down my balls. So now I'm taking multiple showers a day to keep clean. I've always been super sensitive, to the point of being painful sometimes with sex or oral, so loss of some sensitivity would be welcomed. Thank you very much for your input though. I will take it all into consideration.

More tissue removal = more damage to the penis.

Less tissue removal = less damage to the penis.

If you want to remove more, so be it. Get it done. There's a lot more risks involved in keeping foreskin than removing it. People will swear you lose sensitivity or can damage the penis, but that's not backed by anything proven. I would rather lose fractional sensation than risk factors like sarcoma or Phimosis, or infections, pain, etc. Happy I had mine from birth.

Bucky85 in reply to OhHey

Actually, it was proven in 2006.

How are you erect? I have the same problem but pulls back fine when erect and actually I wish I had more skin because now it’s pulling up my balls and makes my penis look small. Some people have hidden penis so this may be the issue? I would have to agree with the other user, your lucky to have some skin left because you will loose some sensation actually like me I now have a problem staying ercect because I can’t feel anything half the time. If you do some research you will also see that most men who are Circumcise have erectile dysfunction vs none circumcised. Just my two cents

Look, I know everyone has their own opinion on benefits and risks of circumcision. But that was not my question. If y'all want to debate, take it to a post about it. I had a very specific question and if you cannot offer input on such question, I'd rather you not comment at all.

I recommend a different doctor only because I do not feel that there should be that much foreskin after the first surgery. Discuss with your doctor about how munch skin will actually be removed...if you use the same doctor no problem just discuss how much should actually be removed so that this issue does not reoccur---research how much skin should be taken off bc removing to much isn't good either.

B_m_ in reply to GodsLady

Thank you kindly for the advice.

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