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Hello guys! I had my curcumcision 5 days ago. The first day went pretty good. No bleeding, nothing. The second day, i went to the doctor as directed.. and she had dressed my wound with so much care. It was all going fine. And i started noticing the swellings in the urethral opening (meatus) and the frenulum too was extremely swollen. The night of the secondth day was pretty discomforting as i had erections 5 times during the night. In the morning of the third day. I felt like something was pinching my penis and i took a look and there was blood all over. I run to the doctor.. and she again said it was all okay and dressed my wound again. Third day went fine after dressing just alittle pinching down my frenulum. Still the frenulum was extremely swollen. The fourth day i went to the doctor with the previous dressing still on it. This time she said the stitches were out and thats the reason why i was bleeding. She also removed some of the stitches and started squeezing blood. I tell u i have never in my life felt that much pain. And it was the fourth day. Todays the fifth day and i managed to not get any erections after day 3. And still the frenulum and the urethral openings are swollen. Is it normal? I m really scared.

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I can certainly understand being scared under the circumstances. Fortunately, circumcision ends up fine 99.99-something percent of the time, even with various complications during the first days. In time, you'll be 100% back to normal. In fact, according to one report I read here, with a few corroborations, you'll be better than normal, with longer and stronger orgasms. - Cheers, - Jeremy,

Swelling will get away soon. I bleeded too when I got circumcised. Dont worry. Just distract yourself from all womanish things. :D

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