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Tight penis foreskin

Im 18 years old and lately i've stretching my foreskin behind the glans. I decided to stretch my skin all over the glans and i did it without any problems.

But the thing is that i think eventhough it went all the way down it is still too tight cause i cant get it back while erect. I can only get it back when not erect. I also cannot touch the glans cause it hurts. The foreskin stays just under the glans so im asking if i need to stretch more and it will be all good or is it something serious?

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Doesn't sound a serious issue if you can already pull back.

Keep pulling it back and hold back whilst in shower or bath which makes the skin more elastic.

You can also get a steroid cream from your doctor which thins the skin and aids the stretching.

It's not an overnight fix but likely to work if you stick with it.

Does it cause any issues or pain during sex or masturbation?

What you have is an extremely common problem so don't worry or be embarrassed.


Well i cant really masturbate because my glans hurts and its tight under the head.

When getting erect i can feel the skin stretching a bit and it hurts a little.

Here are some images cause i cant explain



I guess that by stretching it will be possible to pull the skin further

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I'm sure some steroid cream from docs would help you loosen that up. Your most of the way there already looking at pics.


I have a similar problem, when erect I can just about pull the foreskin below th glands, but I feel I can gain more length of my penis because the frenulum is very tight and I don't know how to make it more elastic and so that foreskin will pull down all the way. I don't want to damage my frenulum so I don't do anything with it.

What can I do, and is the steroid cream you mentioned suitable and able over the counter, as I'm 19


It wouldn't hurt trying the steroid cream but it depends how tight it is.

The cream is prescription only from the doctor in the UK.

Don't be embarrassed seeing your doctor with this. It's really common and they will have seen it lots of times.


I think you should see a doctor because it looks that you have paraphimosis.


I very much doubt if the steroid creme will help. I had the same problem and tried everything, including the steroid creme, but nothing did help me. At last I got circumcised at 17.


I guess ill keep stretching and see what happens. Maybe it will loosen up


I would Try the cream but religiously follow the instructions, you have to use it alot to benefit from it. My penis looked like that too and it was sore, the glans was okay for me. Visit your doctor and be open and ask all the questions you ask here.


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