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This is an updated pic, my surgery was may 7th 2018 from then to now this is how it looks..... There is still sum minor sensitivy but not painful at all, i guess it will take time for me to get over the fact that the other covering skin is no longer there!!

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wish i was in your shoes 😭

Bj925 in reply to driz

Whatz da matter driz?

driz in reply to Bj925

i’m still healing bro, got a few more stitches left but nearly there

Bj925 in reply to driz

Aye man its,a waiting game just go easy and try your best to avoid an erection! I kno its hard but thats the one thing u want to avoid... But u will be fine ...like during the time my stitches fell out, it was itching like crazyyyyyy an of course i cud not scratch so u can imagine how that felt so be prepared for that too if it hasnt started already..

Hi BJ925, have you experienced any sensitivity around the incision line?

Bj925 in reply to Jdhdjskaksksx

Hello... No i have not, my sensitivity is always near the head or the head itself

Dang lucky bro. I have to go back to school at the 8th or August and I had my surgery last Tuesday the 17th and hopefully my stitches will start dissolving and come off so I can start running and doing my basic things.

Bj925 in reply to SteveWall56

Right steve!! U want to remain less,active as possible maybe you shud consider taking a few more days seeing as though your surgery was as recent as last tuesday... Because the more movement you have, the more movement it has also...


It's nice. Normal

Bj925 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Diptasu

Hey! Just wondering, now, are you able to do strenuous exercise or sports? I'm a week in after circumcision and the sensitivity is hurting a lot! Only able to wear briefs now after applying numbing cream!

Bj925 in reply to Cornal

Hello Cornal

Yes i can do watever i want.

Can u post a pic of you being erect? For analysis purposes

It seems to be properly healed.

About that missing skin, you can regrow it.


Bro, please don't say that like that! I'm not homo; I'm scientifically looking at the different circumcision cases flaccid and erect, to fully understand the vast variances and diffetences that can yo wrong or right with us guys. So I keep everything scientific observative, and I am not on anything other than that! 💯 So what I'm saying is, your response sounds awkward

Well Mr QFellow!! wat im saying no matter what your reasoning is, your question sounds awkward requesting to see another mans erected penis... #2 in no shape form or fashion have i one time shown any interest in you sexually or physically u ask a question, u got an answer!

An my response to u was valid if u dont like my response u can get the fuk off my post

Looks very good. Be patient . My surgeon did a high and tight on me. But I am very happy with it so is my wife.

Thanks broadband! I think my surgeon done a great job...

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