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Worrying sensitivity of penile glands after circumcision

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Hi, I am 20 this year andI just had my circumcision 5 days ago. My penis glans is really sensitive(like the slightest touch of the tissue could trigger pain) and I'm unable to wear anything, like I've been going around in my house without anything below, not even briefs as it hurts a lot! Can someone advice and tell me how to solve this issue? There is also some swelling of the skin under my penis glans, where the stitches are. It's awfully sensitive in that area and the frenulum. Really hope someone could advice me soon as it's driving me crazy not being able to wear anything waist down! Thank you!

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I'm slowly letting the shower water to hit on it to get used to it, but it's still too sensitive to wear any clothing. And if I wrap it in gauze, taking it off will hurt a lot because it's gonna stick to the head.. .

The glans is not ment to be an external organ. The sensitivity will decrease but with it so will your sexual sensitivity as the glands become keratinized due to exposure. Oils can help but not much. Sorry.

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Cornal in reply to Mclrn612

Any idea how long in before kerantinization takes place after operation? I have very little contact of the penis glans and anywhere else so would that delay the kerantinization process?

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Mclrn612 in reply to Cornal

it will take time for it to dry out and the skin to callous. But really you should not want it to. You can try a false foreskin sleve with oils otherwise start with silk boxers and build up.

It is for reasons such as this that is desirable to consider alternatives to circumcision.

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