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My prostatitis gone


I wrote this in reply to another post, but found many others on this forum with similar issues have started a new post. Its been 6 months now and I am prostatitis free! I am writing this in the hope that some other's conditions may be similar to mine and relating my experience may help them.

I spent nearly two years with chronic prostatitis, taking 6-8 weeks antibiotic courses, visits to urologist, an internal bladder inspection, but the prostatitis kept returning. Exhaustive medical tests showed up nothing however my urologist indicated it was likely bacterial as Cipro did resolve it over time. I also tried other remedies found through the internet with little success. It was horrible and I feel for others also dealing with this. Each time I was put on Cipro (antibiotic) by my urologist, it usually took about 4-6 weeks to resolve. However recovery was slow during the period and it then came back a few months later - I went through this cycle over two years and it was mentally and physically draining.

So after researching the issue I decided to try something else. I would do a daily ejaculation 1-2 hours after taking a Ciprofloxacin dose, and my partner (who was completely healthy) would also take a course of Cipro simultaneously in case there was a risk of cross-infection. I did the daily ejaculation and after 4 days all my symptoms had gone so I stopped the daily ejaculations on the 5th day, but continued the Cipro for another 5 days. After 10 days in total and we both completed the 10 day Cipro course.

It has now been six months and there has been no recurrence. My theory is that 1-2 hours after taking the antibiotic the levels are rapidly rising in the body. After ejaculation and for many hours afterwards the antibiotic-rich fluids are regenerated and replenished throughout the prostate and the various glands and ducts of the reproductive system, transporting the antibiotic effectively to the infected sites than without ejaculation.

The prostate is apparently like a little vault that holds and protects, but the problem is that bacterias hiding deeply inside are protected from the antibiotic and allowed to multiply again unless antibiotic-rich fluids and blood are flushed through in synch when antibiotic levels are high. I asked my urologist before trying this - he said it was ok to try. My partner agreed to also take a 10 day course alongside me in case there was some reinfection risk. It worked so rapidly and my mental health has really improved.

I am not medically qualified and this is just my experience related here to help others. For me the key was to have an antibiotic that was effective, and finding a way to make it more effective by transporting it better into the prostate. I hope this is help for others suffering in silence. Best wishes.

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