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11 days post-op (photo 2)


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Left-side of penis

partially showing the cision stitch-work and a little of the frenulum's stitching, which has some white peroxide bubbling on the yellowish puss. My inner prepuce and dorsal-side swelling hasn't really settled muchnsince day 2. I was told to give mine's 5 more weeks to 2 whole months to see a significant different.

This is taken after my 3rd day back to work from 7-day rest. These 3 days has been harsh on my penis at work for 8 hours doing security. I sit @ a desk for the most part, but have to do a walkaround on twelve floors once a shift. I be duckwalking because of my contoured fitting uniform pants, and I can feel some stitches pricking like needles at points while I stride! Excruciating lol I came home and showered with warm water and mild Dove-brand soap (no towel), use the peroxide and took this pic.

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