Foreskin problem

I am 15. I can't pull my foreskin back at all. It is painful when urinating and sometimes while masturbating and when I urinate I have to physically push the urine out of my foreskin. I am worried that this will effect me in the future during sex and with having children. It has been like this for around 2 years but has gradually worsened however I am embarrassed to see a doctor. Any advice?

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  • Hi Elliot, Another young lad with a tight foreskin . It's worth looking at some of the recent posts and replies on this problem. Whenever some one uses the word pain then my response must be "see a doctor". Tell you dad and he can arrange an appointment . It's highly likely he like many others had a tight foreskin . The doctor isn't going to embarrassed he's seen hundreds of todgers . When you play sports and got your kit off or in the showers do you get embarrassed also? Hope things go well for you. Tell us how you got on mate.

  • Hello Elliot,

    It is a very common problem for people your age, I myself have been through it all when I was your age. As Snip has said, go and see your doctor, they will give you the help and advice you need. I found it difficult to go see my doctor about my tight foreskin, which put me off going until the age of 19! When I finally plicked up the courage to go see the doctor, I was told that I was to be circumcised because I had left the issue too long to have any alternatives done about it. I suffered with a tight foreskin from when I first started pubity , and I found it normal to have a tight foreskin, but although it is common amongst young people, it is not very normal to have a tight foreskin and it did cause me problems during sex. I'm now 21 and after being circumsided I am feeling a lot better, but like I said it is definitly worth taking a trip to your doctor and seeing what options are avliable before it is too late!

    Good Luck, Elliot


  • Would you see I would have problems during sex?

  • I found it was more like pain with the foreskin being pulled back and getting stuck halfway but communication is key when having sex anyway so if you experience any pain during sex with a tight foreskin, just tell your partner and they would understand but if you're already experiencing pain now, best to see your doctor and you may be referred for a circumcision.

  • The only problem is, I can't pull my foreskin back at all and it covers the whole of the head of my penis. No matter how hard I force it down it will not work😕

  • Yeah, definitely take a trip to your doctors, I would say you have a bad case of phimosis (correct term for tight foreskin) the doctor will refer you to be circumcised. Circumcision sounds worrying but it will sort out your problems! Do not try and force your foreskin back as it may get stuck behind the head of your penis causing what is known to be paraphimosis where the foreskin cannot be returned to its normal position which means it's an emergency circumcision. I'm not saying this to scare you but it is possible it can happen if you force it.

  • I visited the doctors once in the past about the same problem and was told there was nothing to worry about but I am sure there is 😕 thanks for that advice

  • I would say there is something to worry about if you are still feeling pain when you try to retract your foreskin, is this happening both when it's flaccid and erect?

  • Yes, it completely covers the head and am completely unable to pull back, I think this is because I tore it when I was younger

  • Are you able to masturbate without any issues? How did you manage to tear it when you were younger?

  • Whilst playing football, and yes but when I ejaculate it gets caught under the foreskin and has to be forced out.

  • That's a different way of tearing your foreskin. Yeah, by the forcing it up, trouble with that is that without proper cleaning afterward it can harbor bacteria due to the warm, moist conditions and can lead to infection. So I would say you are in need of a circumcision, but I'm not a doctor.

  • Thanks very much

  • You're very welcome, if you need any more help/advice, please feel free to drop me a message and I'll help you as best as I can! I hope you get this sorted.

    Good Luck, Elliot.


  • I am 22,

    I was able to pull the foreskin off and on of the head when it was normal ,but not the same case when its erection takes place its impossible and painful, I tried all kinds of oils including baby oil.

    Looks like I need to use an vaccum cleaner to clean the mess inside the foreskin.

    Any suggestions please !?

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