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Circumcision after Phimosis, ring around the surgery, its been 5 weeks now

Hi All,

I am 35 years old now. I had phimosis after intercourse. It did not reduce for 2 days so doctor suggestec circumcision. So i did 5 weeks back.

Doctor removed dressing after 2 days of circumcision and that night onwards there was kind of ring formation, a big ring, i can say a bubble. So as per doctors prescription i started consuming for inflammation related tablets. The ring has reduced after 5 weeks. But after 5 weeks its not further reducing. Doctor has advised another set of medication, maybe a much stronger then the last one.

Has anyone faced such scenario.?

As long as the ring/inflammation/bubble reduces its ok. But in this week there is no much improvement, i mean, its not reducing. Is there a cause for worry.?

By the way i did face any kinda bleeding after circumcision.

How much long does it take normally to reduce.?

Is it safe to do sex in this situation.?

Thanks & regards,


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Usually everything should be okay by six weeks at the most . If there is no fluid or blood and you don't feel any pain , you may do sex and the ring may give orgasmic sensations to your partners vagina if the area is properly lubricated .

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Thanks Diptasu for your response. Do you know what should one further do apart from medication to reduce the ring. I applied salty water for 2 weeks and was appying an ointment given by the doctor. I started reducing so I stopped salty water. I have again started applying salty water from 2 days if it helps reducing. Any such natural options I can help reduce the ring ?


Use ointment


Hi I’m not quite sure what’s going on there I’m around 5 weeks and healed/back to normal maybe upload a pic so we can see it, it may be that you’ve had half a circumcision and not a full one Henderson the ring.


Hi Ryan, what do you mean by half circumcision. The surgery is healed but still there is swelling around the surgery. The swelling is like a bubble on top if the penis.


Sometimes the surgeon will only remove half of the foreskin or you may have a loose circumcision hence the ring. It may be worth getting a gp to take a look at it though as it could be infected if you say it’s a bubble.


Sometimes after you've healed there have been cases where not enough skin has been removed. Does the swollen ring area feel full of fluid or just loose and you can move it? Sounds like you may need more removed.


If the "ring" swelling is around the incision site, where the foreskin was cut and it was stitched to the shaft, that swelling is normal and it will pass in time. Everyone heals differently, 4-6 weeks its the time for the actual wound to heal/seal off. The shock to your penis and the swelling can take longer to heal, in some cases months (rare but possible).


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