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Hi Uhm Im Just A new Guys Here, Im 13 And I Know I Have To Be 16 And Up To Join This But I Need Help.

Im A Newly Circumcised Kid And The Doctor That Circumcised Me Put 2 Bandages Around My Penis And 2 Days Passed I Removed My Bandage (I Had Some Difficulties Removing It) Then When I Saw My Penis It Looked Wierd It Looked Bloated On The Other Side And Bloated Under My Penis Then I Asked My Parents If This Will Heal They Said Yes And Im Still Scared Of What Will Happen If My Penis Will Still Heal Then I Searched Google And Found Some Pictures And Advice And I Didnt Saw Any Bloated Penis Problems All I See Is Some Problems About Penile Cancer, Std, Etc. Please Help I Don't Know If This will Heal Please Help

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Swelling is perfectly normal especially since your only 2 days post operation.

The swelling usually goes down within a month or so I think or it can last longer. But don’t worry everyone experiences swelling to some degree.

In my case the swelling was pretty bad but it settled down after two weeks.

For now though make sure you wash it everyday and keep it clean. If you have a shower make sure to put your hand over your penis area to stop the water splashing off the wound but just let it run over it.

If your having a bath you can throw in som Epsom salts which will help speed up the healing process a bit and may reduce swelling

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It will look swollen for a while and painful I'm afraid. My bandage just fell off, then I used a non stick dressing with vaseline. I used this to keep me still by using it as padding between my, tight, pants and Penis.

As for the cancer, I had my circumcision as my Doc thought I may have it. So your chances of having Penile cancer are now much reduced. So relax.


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