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When can i mastebate after circumcision?


Im 16 and got circumcised 18 days ago. And now im getting to the stage where its really hard to avoid mastebate...so today i got it to errect and shockingly it looks way bigger than before and it feels bigger! Which i did a few strokes on the base of my penis but...i stopped cause i heard people saying to masterbate after 6 weeks or so...but id think i can last that long!!! And it doesn't hurt when masterbate, also still haven't ejaculate!plz help!

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Hey man,

I would strongly advice you to hold it off as you still have stitches and you do not want to rip that apart and cause bleeding. I felt the exact same as you did at that time & I had to control my urge to masturbate even getting hard, because of that.

I'm officilly on my 4th week and i managed to mastermate during mid 3rd week and managed to ejaculate which felt awesome but I'm going to put it on hold for another week or so just to be safe. I feel recovered and it looks recovered but to be safe and don't want my gf to catch something. I'm going to give it a another week just to make sure I'm all good.

When you're close to your 4th week and you barely see any stitches or feel any pain then I would say go for it.

Good luck man, hope this helps. If you need further assistance let me know!

NattyBatty in reply to AndyP_300

Thx for replying! And just saying my stitches have dosolved!

AGTMAG in reply to AndyP_300

Dude after just 3 days whenever I get erect I just want to beat my meat

A_Normie in reply to AGTMAG

Dude did anything hurt or it was just normal :P idk

Marcon65 in reply to AndyP_300

Hey man ummm it's been I weeks since my circumcision and the head of my penis still hurts when it touches my short is that normal??pls rreply

After 18 days, risk of opening the wounds should be past. If the stitched have disolved and you no longer have any discharge from the wound, try doing it gently. You should still have lots of sensitivity which will allow arousal without much effort. One guage would be the amount if discomfort you feel from full erections. If very little or none, you should be good to go.

Thx bro!

If stitches have dissolved and it feels ok and no pain then go for it, I’m 3 weeks now and I masterbated it’s a big relief but I’m holding out now. I have an infection from circumcision so that’s still healing that’s the only reason I’m holding out for a while now but if you feel good then go for it it’s a relief.

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Hi NattyBatty.

From the other two messages you posted a couple of days ago, it sounds as if you're still not fully healed.

Were I you, I'd take a daily metaphorical cold shower (haha) and maybe give yourself another week or so until the wound has healed, before getting active.

Why were you 'shocked' that you looked and felt bigger? Can't be bad, surely?

When you do start to masturbate, may I suggest that you use a good quality water-based lubricant to aid the process? 'Liquid Silk' is a quality product, by way of an example, and purchasing a bottle really would be money well spent.

Best wishes


Did they remove your frenulum?

My wounds opened like 3 days ago.... i didnt masturbate it just opened.. what should i do?

Charlie777 in reply to Inztant

I think mine did too but the hospital told me as long as it's not infected they don't care lol

Rory87 in reply to Inztant

Keep it clean and the wound will 'knit' still it's just takes a little longer to heal. Wash hands before and after going to the toilet. If you have any concerns consult your urologist but you should be fine. There is a possibility the urologist may suggest some preventative antibiotics that is about all they will want to do, just so they do not have to cause any more trauma to the area

uhhh i masturbated in day 4 theres still stitches and when i was doing it it didnt hurt just a little and there was no blood nothing just did it

I read if you masturbate too early before you are fully healed from circumcision you increase the risk of getting HIV.

Maximus32 in reply to Hashhi

No, that's not true if you're having sex before 6 weeks after circumcision and the wound isn't completely healed you will increase the risk of having a HIV/AIDS

Hey I am 17 and I have got circumcised but it has been 3 weeks since I have had thqis done and I really do need to masturbate. Is this ok to do so after 3 weeks

If your stitches have fully healed then it's probably safe to try, but go slow and like other replies say, use a water-based lube. But I'm no expert as I was only circumcised 4 days ago, but I'm already starting to see a vast improvement, but I'll leave you to your own judgement

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