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No feeling after being circumcised


During sex I feel nothing and penis will go soft. This has only started happening after being circumcised. Driving me crazy don’t know what to do. Anyone else experience this? Got circumcised back in February.

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Loss of sensation is a well-known effect of circumcision. The nerves are in the foreskin. There is not much one can do except non-surgical foreskin restoration, which takes work, dedication, and several years.

Circumcision experience

Foreskin restoration


Could be psychological. But you may try with Viagra

Loss of sensation always follows circumcision. You just lost 20,000 nerve endings.

So, what are some people doing to bring a bit of feeling back. Can’t always be on viagra. This is just killing my self esteem and confidence. I also feel like my penis has gotten smaller. Anyone else feel the same?

Joey56799 in reply to Jdouk6907

Hey i don't know if you have noticed but some people on here just want to be negative about circumcision all the time.. it doesn't help at all and achieves nothing.. Im only 2 weeks after mine so dont know the answers yet, but have you tried some lube?? there are different types now with stimulating formulas etc.. dont get disheartened by peoples negativity... i have heard that guys think its smaller but its just psychological because the foreskin would have made it look a bit bigger.. Test out things when masturbating before sleeping with someone and see if things help.. If you find anything helps please post!..

Update, some numbness has gone away and starting to feel more during sex but not by much. One issue I have noticed is that when erect, the skin pulls on my testicles causing some sort of line and some pain. Believe it or not but my penis has gotten about an inch smaller. I haven’t seen much talk about this but hope to get some responses from Jose who have experienced the same.

Mclrn612 in reply to Jdouk6907

They took too much skin. The foreskin is an essential part of a sexual experience. Sorry the only thing I can recommend is trying to restore which is going to be really difficult since you were intact for so long. You could also try a manhood which is a sleeve they can help sensation of your glands

Jdouk6907 in reply to Mclrn612

Yes I’ve seen that, but when I’m flaccid I have plenty of skin to cover the head. It’s only when you wrecked that I believe it’s too short and it’s pulling up my testicles making it painful at times. Also giving the illusion of a smaller penis. I’m not sure if any stretching would help that

Wonder what went wrong I had mine done for months ago and everything is actually 10 times better than Before

I’m not sure what happened either when I’m flaccid I have plenty of skin to cover the head but when I’m erect a pool’s back on the skin lifting my testicles so I’m thinking maybe they didn’t leave enough skin? I have no idea and as far as the erectile dysfunction I’m thinking maybe it’s just mental?

Hi Jdouk, it is a normal process. at first you it seems as if it was more sensitive then you loose sensitivity but it all go back to a normal stage. I had mine done and went thru the same thing you are describing. Do not let that or no one get to your head, it will make it worse. just be patient. I am not sure how old you are but if you are young it will be easier. I am in my late forties now and had it done in my late twenties. no regrets. you need to find your self and ways to satisfy, it might take a little bit more foreplay and do not use excessive lube. try playing with yourself to find new things. Good luck, keep us posted.

I’m 50 and just had it done at 48

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