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Very dry penis skin! (Pics included)


I’ve been suffering with very dry penis skin for the last few months. I’ve had to quit masturbating for nearly two months because the skin becomes very dry, red and painful afterwards. It’s really starting to get me down. The dryness is mainly around the head and the upper forekin. I’ve included pictures! Can anyone help me? Any moisturises safe for penis skin?


Ive stopped using soap in shower (even soap free gel sanax), because that was irritating it, and this helped a lot but the dryness is still there and I’ve got to be careful what I put on my skin because it is very sensitive.

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What oil? I’ve tried man1oil but I think it’s too harsh on my penis skin and irritated it a bit

I’m in UK!

Stay off the soap and apply coconut oil after shower.

Ok thank you

Hey thank you for your reply, I’ll give the coconut oil a try! Do I apply it in the shower, massage it in, then wash it off immediately?

Can it also be used as lube during sex?

Don't use soap on your penis. It dries the oil out of the mucosal tissues.

You might have a fungus infection, so treat with a product that contains clotrimazole.

Use lubrication when you engage in sexual activity.

It looks as though your frenulum is completely missing.

Soreguy21 in reply to Bucky85

I’m going to use coconut oil and see how my penis responds. What makes you think my frenulum is missing?

Bucky85 in reply to Soreguy21

It is not visible in the picture.

Coconut oil it’s great stuff.


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