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Foreskin too tight when erect


My penis gets so erect when I am aroused that it stretches my foreskin back so far that I can't bring it back over the head unless it goes flaccid again. This is frustrating because quite often when I am aroused I can't relieve myself without hurting my penis somewhat. It's uncomfortable to say the least, and I cannot "arrive" during sex because it simply doesn't feel good and sometimes even hurts, especially while performing certain sexual positions. It's embarrassing and awkward when I'm having sex with a woman and I have to pretend it feels good even when it really hurts.

In the past I've told them to stop because it hurts and they react either negatively altogether or passively before they stop talking to me after the fact. Sometimes I'll make up an excuse to get out of sex just so I don't have to endure pain (sick, tired, drunk, not in the mood, etc).

The confidence boost from being able to "last" in bed is nonexistent for me. It doesn't even matter how long I could theoretically last because in practice I just want to stop because it hurts so bad. I really want to enjoy sex but it seems impossible with this penis. I masturbate successfully only occasionally and that's only because I try really hard even though it's a hassle.

It's embarrassing, but mostly frustrating, and I really want to rectify it. Help me, please!

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I think from what you say that you need to seek medical help with this. A small procedure may well be in order to allow the foreskin to retract better or maybe even to have it removed altogether as part of a circumcision ( although I wouldn't sign up for that too lightly as it can result in a loss of sensitivity). See your GP - you'll be happy you did.

I hope it won't come to circumcision... poor guy's been through enough! Thank you for your reply though, I appreciate it.

Hi M8 have you tried a lube, it might help if it slips over better, try to masturbate using lube see if that helps, you never know it might help making it more slippery, give it ago if no good go see a doctor.

sexhurts in reply to mikeski1956

Interesting. I've never used it because it seems kind of weird to me. Guess it can't hurt to try. Thanks.

mikeski1956 in reply to sexhurts

not weird m8 lots men can't make their own lube, precum so a lube is a good thing, let us know how you get on


Try Steroid cream Betnovate C and Masturbate , it may retract. If not Circumcision is one of the choices.

Foreskin-stretching exercises are the best way to loosen things up down there. Just do them correctly and consistently. It helps to use a penis health creme called Man1 Man Oil too.. it contains vitamins that speed up the process through moisturization and also protect the skin from irritation. Keep this info in mind.

I have a similar issue. It's super frustrating because I'm ok with masturbating and sex without a condom. And normally with hj/bj if she knows to lubricate and do things a certain way.

But with a condom the friction and lack of feeling makes it unpleasant and even painful for me.

And also as I go through my day, and especially if I haven't had a release in a couple days, I can get an erection and then it becomes very tricky to reverse because the skin locks down behind the head and maintains the erection even if the trigger is no longer there. And even more tricky if arousal continues as with flirting, hugging, or whatever gets guys aroused (which apparently can be almost anything : )

Another frustrating aspect is if I am erect for a while before receiving pleasure or intercourse, the head can get too sensitive/dry after being exposed for so long. Circumcised guys are used to that, but uncircumcised guys get sensitive and dry quite easily.

That's one of the downsides.

One of the upsides is the foreskin has a ton more nerve endings and so the potential for much more satisfaction.

To be honest, it resulted in me looking for more serious relationships where we both agreed not to use a condom (i know it's still risky, but at least we confirmed first we don't have stds, she's on the pill, and i pull out except sometimes during period sex. But it depends on the girl, it is still riskier, and I do wish I was fine with condoms. ) :

Truth is if there were no STDs and let's say no chance of getting knocked up unless it was planned - most men and women would obviously prefer no condom.

Maybe that will be the case some day.

And if so, there will definitely be a lot more pleasurable sex.

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