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Prostatitis symptoms come and go, causing anxiety, how to cure?

Prostatitis, an inflammation of the prostate gland, is a common male's urology and reproductive system disease. Treatment of prostatitis can be simple or complex, depends on the symptoms of this disease, acute bacterial prostatitis, a rare type of prostatitis, can be cured in four or six weeks by antibiotics, chronic bacterial prostatitis, the treatment of this prostatitis may be more complex, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, a type with high recur rate, cannot be cured by antibiotics.

Prostatitis symptoms come and go, will cause anxiety to patients, how to cure prostatitis especially chronic pelvic pain syndrome?

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Chronic pelvic pain syndrome belongs to a chronic disease, besides, patients with this prostatitis have no bacteria in the prostate gland so that antibiotics are not helping for this disease. Chronic disease needs a chronic treatment, Chinese medicine works well in curing chronic diseases for its mild and natural. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill , a herbal medicine made of more than fifty kinds of herbs, can cure chronic pelvic pain syndrome thoroughly without recurrence, is a good choice for chronic nonbacterial prostatitis patients.


Start feeding your prostate. Zinc and Saw Palmetto are two of several nutients vital to good prostate health. Your local health food store can advise you of blends which will help you.


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