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is this exceccive skin?(photo) 10 days post circumcision


if you check closely it seems like i have more skin on the left side and it gets me worried, i am 10 days post op and idk if it looks normal or not or what could happen from that... adviceee pls

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Edit: If i want to, i am able to pull it back but i am just having it here on <<normal>> stand

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Mpampasas in reply to Hidden

Ok but how can you say it will be fine? I mean, will the skin just get down easily or get less over time? Thanks for answering

The angle of the photo confuses me xD. But 10 days is way too early to tell. Could be caused by swelling too. Also mind you when flaccid some skin may be rolled up to the edge of the penis head.

Mpampasas in reply to Cipher9

ikr i had to turn my dick like a lot

For 10 days after that is great. Let it carry on healing for a couple of months and then if worried go back go the doctor. The acid test with an erection but avoid these if you can for a week or so more.

Mpampasas in reply to marktaoh

don't know about this test

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