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Adult Circumcision

I have been circumcised and am currently on day 6 post surgery. The first few.days were fine. I was mobile, no pain, no swelling at all. I thought what was all the fuss about! Since day 3 the head on my penis has been swollen just under the head and above the stitching is swollen to. I have been to doctor asked for this to be looked at she said it's healing well but from what I've been reading online says the swelling should be gone by day 2. It stings and is very uncomfortable, I've barely been out of bed the past few days.

The doctor said not to put anything on it don't get it wet. But am scared that may lead to an infection.

I've been off work a week now and was under the impression that the most would be behind me now.

The mornings are really painful when waking up with an erection! There're are enough cocodamols for that!!!!!

Any advice on after care? What should or shouldn't I be doing???

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Click on my name and see my posts. I'm 3 weeks post op now.


Try consuming a raw potato to kill that boner. Saw it in an article ;d.

From what I’ve read on this forum it takes more than a couple weeks for it to fully heal.

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I had an awful few days to begin with but it got better. Each person is different. Interesting that he told you to keep it dry. Our anatomy usually sweats quite a bit down there, I personally salt water washes three times daily but got an infection anyway. Just the luck of the draw. How are you 4 days later?


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