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Tight foreskin and sensitive head?

Hi I’m 14 years old and I think I have foreskin problems. The thought of pulling my foreskin back makes me cringe really hard because my head is sensitive, so it stings. Because of this, I tend to not pull it back and refrain from doing it. However, recently I have been trying to come over it, but noticed that when it was erect, then it wouldn’t pull back at all. I really want the fore skin to peel back and for the head not to be sensitive, I’ve wanted to try the head desensitising techniques, but am to scared to because it stings so much!! Any help?

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Loads of similar posts on here so do not worry, you are one of many. If you can pull back when soft then you probably do not have any lasting problem. Start by stretching the foreskin whilst in the bath or shower this takes time but should enable the foreskin to pull back when erect. You could try letting the shower run on your penis head this may help to de-sensitise but it is usually a matter of time. As for not pulling back when erect, if you not experiencing pain and you can clean the area then wait and see. I was well into my twenties before I could pull back and all other functions worked fine.

Good luck


I wasn't able to fully pull it back until I was 16, make sure you use spit or some type of lube to pull it back when you're hard. The stinging is nothing to worry about it's just that the skin was never touched before. After cleaning your head in the shower or bath for a week or so you will notice your head has the same feeling as the rest of your penis. Tell me is that worked for ya.


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