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I'm 15 days into my circumcision. After a slight infection I'm doing great, the stitches are finally starting to fall out, the only problem I'm having is blue balls! I'm a married man and my wife is able to be satisfied orally (6 weeks is a long time with no pleasure) anyway as I said 6 weeks is a very long time. How are people coping with this? All I want to do is have some adult fun and I can't. Anyone got any tips on how I can release this pressure?

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Just wank gently mate. Focus more on base and shaft as opposed to head.

I've been wanking since day 10 and am now on day 16.

Had stitches taken out yesterday as they were annoying me and slow dissolving.

Just be gentle and i'm sure you'll do enough to release some tension.

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Haha cheers mate. I'll give that a go... I did phone the doctors yesterday and they said they could take them out if I need them to.. The thing I'm worried about though is at the moment when I get a boner, it hurts, obviously as the wound is stretched and I feel the only thing stopping it from opening is the stitches. Before hand I never needed lube to wank, just go dry and enjoy the friction of foreskin and helmet haha, do I need to lube now?


Mine felt tight too with a boner. The tightness feeling does improve slightly when stitches gone.

You'll be much more confident without them.

I'm dying to have sex with Mrs but it's too risky at this early stage. We're just playing it safe now and sticking to gentle masturbation for now.

I've not used lube much before either but I'm told to use it in future to stop too much friction making it sore.

Not bothered using it for wanking at the minute as my balls, like yours, are busting and there's plenty of pre cum to lubricate things at the minute, especially after a bit of porn!

Have you had the issue with foreskin for long?

I'm 37 and have had it for years but wouldn't go to docs.

Mrs nagged me for years to get it sorted.

Wish I'd have listened and got it done years ago now!


I've never had a problem till 2 years ago. I'm 28 and apart from 1 split when I was 14 (I figured I was playing with it to often) I never had any problems. Then couple of years ago I started splitting like mad, went to gp and she gave me some steroid cream. That did fuck all. Then when I went back I got referred to the hospital upon which I was told I had some sort of degenerative skin condition of the foreskin and the only real option was for it to be removed. I was a bit apprehensive about it all, after all its my dick I've grown attached to it over the years! The problem was that we are trying for children and it's impossible to enjoy sex when all I'm thinking is, am I going to split again or I'm already split this is going to hurt like crazy.

It looks really weird now and I'm a little worried then when the wife and I do have full sex I'm not going to be able to feel anything and not cum through sex. I'm 28 for fuck sake, I don't wanting to be wanking to the point of new return and then shoving it in!

When I spoke to my parents about having it done apparently I was seen by a doctor as a child about it, but the doctor assured my parents I would grown out/in to it as I hit puberty. Now I wish they got a second opinion and it was removed as a child, at least that way when I hit puberty and felt the urge to fuck any women who would agree to it, I would only know to being circumcised and wouldn't have all these thoughts/worries.


Mines been an issue for as lo ng as I can remember.

It got even worse when I started having regular sex when i met my partner 14 years ago.

I'm overweight and have, in my opinion, a small cock despite my Mrs saying it isn't. This is the reason I didn't go to docs for so long as I could never show my dick to anyone but her.

I have 2 daughters aged 10 and 7.

The tightness didn't cause issues every time. Sometimes we could have sex 3 or 4 times a week and it would hurt. Other times wed only be able to have sex one or twice in a month as the pain and soreness was unbearable.

She's always been so understanding about it all and we've just usually made good use of it during the good times.

Then around 12 months ago I got exile thrush and things took a turn for the worse. After sex the skin would split and bleed every time and would be terrible for days after and even having a piss became painful.

I decided that enough was enough and went to docs.

They ma made me use the steroid cream for 4 months to aid stretching but it was so bad it did nothing.

I was referred to urologist back in November and had the op on 11 January.

The experience and pain following the op was not as bad as the slitting and bleeding I'd suffered for so long.

I'm now kicking myself that I didn't get it sorted years ago.

We're now looking forward to an exciting and adventurous sex life when everything is 100% healed.

I've bought a nice big bottle of lube and a few other "treats" from lovehobey.com ready for when it's good to go!


When the stiches fall out do they actually snap or pop asking as mine are like hard and jaggy


They start to loosen as they dissolve and then fall out supposedly.

I've responded to your post gerryboy.

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Do NOT masturbate before at least 4 weeks of healing. You might cause damage, unpleasantness and you can ultimately prolong your healing. The only thing you can do is wait and try to ask your wife to be kind and not wear sexy stuff.

It is hard but it is doable my dude, just hold on. Masturbating too soon can cause stitches to come out, inhibit the healing system, cause bleeding etc.

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