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This is almost 6 weeks after having my circumcision on a hard-on well a semi hard-on I don't know if it looks ok can anyone advise me

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Looks fine to me.

I would be keen to know what pain you had immediately after the op and then as the days and weeks progressed.

Were you warned what to expect and given meds to combat the pain ?

Bit of discomfort after the app for a few days but then is the knob it was more sensitive because obviously having your foreskin cut off still sensitive now yes I was warned about the pain in that and the only made stay prescribed was ibuprofen and paracetamol I am glad I got it done

Looks really good. No scarring or discolouration. You are very lucky and should be proud.

Thanks I'm trying 2 masturbate now but it a little bit sore

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Looks good I'd still try retracting a little so doesn't adhere to the head

I am trying to do as well I masturbated and I did pull it back a bit

It looks as though your surgeon did a loose circumcision, so the skin is not taut. That is very good. It seems to be healed nicely.

It looks to me as though the shaft area is still somewhat swollen from oedema, which is normal for a time after a circumcision.

Looks good. Shaft s swollen, but that will get better

Still some swelling mate just be careful when masturbating. Looks like a loose cut similar to my own, you probably won’t know the full out come until the swelling goes down fully

It's been 6 weeks tomorrow when i had it done how long do it take for the swelling to go down

I’m at the 8 week mark mate. No visible swelling since about week 3, I didn’t have as much swelling as you. Everyone is different and my procedure wasn’t as invasive as it was done with a laser

Hi ST, when your masturbating are you using any form of lubricant? if not start using some ASAP either baby oil or coconut oil are great for the, and if your using a strong grip stop, it should be a feather light touch just like a women vagina and when you add in the oil it will feel more like a vagina.


Thanks mate i will try that tonight after work

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Was you unable to pull your forskin back prior to circumcision? I can’t pull mine back when erect and I feel like I don’t get a full erection because of that! Read things before where people have warned not to get it done as you lose a lot of sensation and they wished they never done it... can you let me know how you get on and if you would recommend.. thanks

Yes prior to the circumcision I was unable to pull my foreskin back I don't think you lose much Sensation after having it done but I don't regret having it done

Was you able to pull back when flaccid prior to circumcision? I spoke to my doctor about it and he sort of talked me out of it as I can pull back when soft! I just feel like I don’t get 100% erection due to it not pulling back :(

Hi no i could not pull it back when i was erect

Do you feel like your erection is stronger after having surgery?

Yes i think it is. But i do get more erections now don't know why

How close to the glans is the scar?

I haven't really got a scar not that i can see

Do you know if you got a high or low cut? How does the underside look?

By the looks of it i think it is high cut. I will post what it looks like on the underside

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