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9th day post circumcision surgery

On my 9th day and things are going back to normal really, started wearing boxers on the 7th day and in two days the sensitivity decreased so much I can’t explain.

Was also able to masturbate without any pain but extremely gentle, to be honest even though stitches are in, best masturbating session I’ve ever had! I know when I’m more than capable to Aswell!

As for the stitches I had about 6 stitches in the right side of my penis that was digging into me and causing unnecessary discomfort, so I decided to cut them down so that wasn’t bothering me.

Also for the healing it is coming along brilliant, and I can now say it looks normal! And it feels brilliant!

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Well glad you are experiencing good healing, however do not yourself decide which stitches to cut or remove, also bear in mind doctor recommend not masturbating for 4-6 weeks post op for a reason. You do not want to irritate the area and allow it to heal. You might do some damage that will require you to heal longer. Be patient so you don't prolong your healing unnecessarily.


Urologist was telling me story today about how a guy got circumcised and had sex the next day! That didn’t go too well for him. Doctor said 1 month minimum!


Sex on the next day of circumcision spells disaster lol. Super sensitivity, wound and all the possibilities of infection that occur.


Can you please share how you masturbated on Day 9? Was the shaft or glans still swallen? I'm on Day 10 and I tried to masturbate without success yesterday...


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