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Foreskin attached to glans in a weird way


My foreskin can retract back the whole way but it is very weirdly attached to the glans. When i retract it the left half of the foreskin is kind of like glued to the (very end of the) glans. I haven't found anyone who experienced this and posted about it online and i'm a bit scared to talk to my parents. I asked my mom about it a year ago and she told me to give it time but a year has passed and Nothing has changed. I stretch in the shower but there's no effect. Please state your opinions on this.

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Depending on your age your foreskin might not have fully detached from your penis glans. Can you see if it is merely attached or visibly "fused" with your penis glans? Normally foreskin has no reason to form adhesions (fused to your glans) by itself. So it is more likely it hasn't fully detached yet. If it isn't causing pain or discomfort try to let it detached by itself or slowly trying to pull it away in a warm bath.

If however it is causing pain and discomfort, the best thing to do is visit a urologist to see if the separation has to be made with a cut.

If you can, then probably better to consult with your dad on the subject of penises ^^

Thanks, from what I can see it is kind of fused. I will let some time pass and stretch in baths, and if that doesn't help I will ask my dad about it.

If you persist with firm pressure on each side os the attachment, pulling it apart, eventually the adhesion will give way. Try not to cause pain. Apply some Vaseline to each side as you progress.

I just want to say im suffering from the EXACT same issue so i'm happy to actually find something online about it...hope it gets better

AK1188 in reply to dsiboy2

Same, any luck?

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