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Reading the posts and replies on here gave me great help and also some concerns lol. So I thought I’d share my experience.

I was circumcised on 15 December due to scarring from balanitis which caused phimosis. The pain this caused by splitting the foreskin every time I had sex became unbearable so circumcision was the only option.

I went into theatre at 3pm and left the hospital at 5pm everything felt fine no pain think this was due to a painkilling injection. Woke the next day no pain at all very swollen though. I spent the first week in just a dressing gown no underwear just let it hang loose. After three days I washed it with a neutral soap then I started salt baths I used a jug with warm water and sea salt and put it in for about a minute then pat dried with a clean towel every time I did this at least twice a day. I found peeing was easier and less mess sitting down and then patting the excess with toilet paper. I sleep on my side anyway and this eased night time erections and morning glory.

On the sixth day I noticed that to left side underneath had what looked like split open to a gaping wound. I went straight to the GP who said everything was fine he did subscribe some antibiotics but I could only take them if there was any puss discharging. The only discharge was a light yolliwy red liquid this is fine and shows healing.

The second week I still kept it aired as much as possible and continued the salt baths religiously. Most of the swelling had gone by the end of the week and most of the stitches had dissolved. If I went out I’d wear quite tight trunk style underwear with a small smear of Vaseline on the head. The biggest problem I was horny as hell and extremely agitated due to it I really had to fight the urge of knocking one out.

The third week I still continued the salt baths. The gaping wound was closing and healing well.

By the end of the fourth week I was all healed and ready to go but my wife convinced me to wait another week just in case. When we first had sex it was like starting all over and great fun trying to find what worked as it’s completely different from having a foreskin. If I’m honest I find it better now and have no regrets getting it done I wish I’d done it sooner.

All in all my experience was pretty good I had no pain and healed well and quickly I guess I was lucky compared to some others.

My advice keep it aired as much as possible and keep it clean.

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Has mine on the 16th of January, coming into my eighth day today, can’t even touch it yet, so sensitive it’s unbelievable, hoping this dies down after another week or 2


Great help!


Glad allspice going well for you. I'm on day 12 and so far quiet pleased with progress.

Did you find you could last as long during sex as before the op?


I personally don’t find much difference, trying not to be big headed ive always been able to last a long time.


Thanks for sharing, really giving me a confidence boost. I’ll share my experience so far in the hope others find it somewhat supportive. Like you, phimosis was killing it in the bedroom and this was my only option.

I had my circumcision 2 days ago without issue. Initially peeing whilst bandaged was a nightmare, it sprayed everywhere, though after removal of the bandages it was such a relief. I use my sink as a urinal as im afraid of touching it against the toilet(Havnt had much appetite and number 2 hasnt called yet) Wondering if that is normal now!?

I bathed initially for the bandages to come off, it did take at least 15 minutes and it was scary to know what was underneath, it bled slightly in the water, around where the frenulum is, i did have a mini panic attack as blood had crusted on the bandage causing it to difficult to remove at the underside- whilst peeing when bandaged blood did come through on the underside which i assume was me pressuring urine out.

I patted it dry and left it possibly too short before covering it in vaseline, there was no bleeding thankfully and all stitches remained in tact.

I took ponstan forte anti-inflammatorys before and tramadol painkillers after however I potentially could have gone without. I slept okay first night on my back with it fully exposed(blanket on my legs and t-shirt and hoody on top) and pieces of paper towel surrounding the penis for fear of erections. I found a little blood on the tissue in the morning though I didn’t wake to morning wood. My groin ached and I figured this was being exposed/cold during the night.

I have yet to wash today and may try dunking it in saltwater like you suggest.

Im nervous about this first washing already.

Did you use anything to aid cleaning like cotton buds or gauze or facecloth?


Cotton buds to get round the stitches and cotton wool balls dipped in warm salt water.

I do this twice a day with a good shower every night.

I let the shower jet run over head for a while to give it a good flush.

Don't go using any fragrances soaps or shower gels directly on it. Just salt water or warm tap water is sufficient.


I ended up using cotton buds and saltwater made with table salt and boiled water. Have been using baby wipes so far for everything else. Got some organic non fragrant soap for a shower but will leave it another day or two. I feel I should be tying a bag around my bits for a shower as upper body water flowing would unclean


No I just dipped it in salt water and kept it there for about a minute

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