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Course of antibiotics (not for prostatitis) restored my erection quality and ejaculation strength. So confused?

Before today I had no idea what prostatitis was, or that it even existed.

For the past couple years I had started to experience my erections getting weaker and weaker, accompanied with weak orgasms and barely any ejaculate.

I've had other symptoms for as long as I can remember but I honestly never took any notice of them. I experience these sporadically and intermittently: feeling like I haven't finished peeing so I go back to the toilet multiple times, a burning sensation in the urethra, burning while urinating (UTI was ruled out), a strange pain after ejaculation that seemed to run from my penis all the way down to my anus (that's the best way I can describe it), and testicular pain on the left side which has had two ultrasounds and they have found nothing but once a seminal epididymal fluid sack that they said was nothing.

I first noticed my erections get weaker upon waking up when usually they were rock solid. Then this translated to happening when fully awake. It was like I had to work to keep my penis up, it needed constant stimulation.

Well I went on antibiotics for a completely unrelated bacterial infection, but it was a pretty serious one that required a couple different antibiotics. I was on metronidazole, clarithromycin and doxycycline at the same time. While I felt crap from the antibiotics themselves my erections in the morning were rock solid, during the day rock solid, my thoughts were allowing me to achieve an erection and they were long lasting. My ejaculation was insane, in amounts that I can barely remember seeing for years.

I feel crazy for even saying that I experienced that, what the hell just happened? I was only on them for 10 days and it's now been a few days after finishing and everything is slowly going back to how it was before I took them.

Anyone have any advice or insight? How do I even explain to a specialist what I just experienced? Like I said I feel crazy. Also I'm 24 if that helps, and my PSA came back elevated for someone my age.

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like prostatitis now cured. Be very grateful


What? It's not cured! My course was only 10 days not for prostatitis and I finished the course, now I lose all the positive symptoms.


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