'Hickey' on penis head, sensitivity and mild pain still 2+ weeks later

Apologies for the length of this (no pun intended) but I wanted to put as much detail in as possible, not just to answer my own query but hopefully to reassure someone else with the same issue in future.

I'm a young (20's) adult male.

Just under 2/half weeks ago the head of my penis (glans) was bruised almost instantly after unprotected oral sex - assuming it was too rough. The bruising appeared all around the urethra.

For the first week it remained quite purple/blue, and I struggled to move around much, took a week off work, to rest all day and application of heat helped a lot. Took pain killers and Ibuprofen. At this time I went to GP who did not seem too concerned and said would heal up within 2-3 weeks.

During the second week the purple bruising subsided mostly , but the pain intensified, especially if I tried to walk around, to describe the pain it was a sore feeling on the tip, burning, hot/warm, and usually the whole penis would ache a bit too. So I took another week off, again applying heat and hot baths in particular almost took the pain away completely whilst I was in it.

I had myself tested for STD's during the end of this second week - there are no symptoms to suggest any infections, but checking everything out to be sure and still waiting on results.

I have been urinating pretty normally (has not been hurting to pee) and have been waking up with erections (some tingling feeling afterwards) so I have been relaxed about the penis function.

Over the weekend just gone I became very active walking around a lot, and the pain almost completely subsided, there is still some redness/very light purpleness around urethra but I was feeling much better.

However in the last day or so I tried to test myself and had a very careful, brief masturbation session, which resulted in a dull ache and slight burning sensation again in penis, not as bad pain as in the first/second week but still I felt I had to sit and rest all evening, and I felt it through the night too, the worry keeping me up more than anything.

Now, about 24 hours later, the ache pain has subsided, but my penis head (glans) remains very sensitive, and it is uncomrtable when it scrapes my boxers (I also happen to not have a foreskin), and there is still a slight tingling/burning sensation down there.

Has anybody experienced the same thing here? Basically a ‘hickey’ on the penis head, and is it supposed to last this long? It’s been approx 16 days since it happened, and most stuff on the net of similar experiences show healing within a week or two at the most, so I’m worrying it’s taking too long to heal up

although I know I haven't quite waited the 3 weeks my GP advised

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  • Get it chopped off, it will only get you in to trouble, or stop jumping from top of the wardrobe.

    Best of luck.

  • you're dead right , it's not worth the bother any more!

  • Sounds like you have done the right thing, mostly. If Dr thinks nothing wrong then I would leave well alone for a couple more weeks. I would suggest tight underwear when you out and about to reduce movement. When home wear loose clothing to reduce rubbing. Good Luck

  • Thank you it's good to hear

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