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'Hickey' on penis head, sensitivity and mild pain still 2+ weeks later

Apologies for the length of this (no pun intended) but I wanted to put as much detail in as possible, not just to answer my own query but hopefully to reassure someone else with the same issue in future.

I'm a young (20's) adult male.

Just under 2/half weeks ago the head of my penis (glans) was bruised almost instantly after unprotected oral sex - assuming it was too rough. The bruising appeared all around the urethra.

For the first week it remained quite purple/blue, and I struggled to move around much, took a week off work, to rest all day and application of heat helped a lot. Took pain killers and Ibuprofen. At this time I went to GP who did not seem too concerned and said would heal up within 2-3 weeks.

During the second week the purple bruising subsided mostly , but the pain intensified, especially if I tried to walk around, to describe the pain it was a sore feeling on the tip, burning, hot/warm, and usually the whole penis would ache a bit too. So I took another week off, again applying heat and hot baths in particular almost took the pain away completely whilst I was in it.

I had myself tested for STD's during the end of this second week - there are no symptoms to suggest any infections, but checking everything out to be sure and still waiting on results.

I have been urinating pretty normally (has not been hurting to pee) and have been waking up with erections (some tingling feeling afterwards) so I have been relaxed about the penis function.

Over the weekend just gone I became very active walking around a lot, and the pain almost completely subsided, there is still some redness/very light purpleness around urethra but I was feeling much better.

However in the last day or so I tried to test myself and had a very careful, brief masturbation session, which resulted in a dull ache and slight burning sensation again in penis, not as bad pain as in the first/second week but still I felt I had to sit and rest all evening, and I felt it through the night too, the worry keeping me up more than anything.

Now, about 24 hours later, the ache pain has subsided, but my penis head (glans) remains very sensitive, and it is uncomrtable when it scrapes my boxers (I also happen to not have a foreskin), and there is still a slight tingling/burning sensation down there.

Has anybody experienced the same thing here? Basically a ‘hickey’ on the penis head, and is it supposed to last this long? It’s been approx 16 days since it happened, and most stuff on the net of similar experiences show healing within a week or two at the most, so I’m worrying it’s taking too long to heal up

although I know I haven't quite waited the 3 weeks my GP advised

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Get it chopped off, it will only get you in to trouble, or stop jumping from top of the wardrobe.

Best of luck.


you're dead right , it's not worth the bother any more!

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Sounds like you have done the right thing, mostly. If Dr thinks nothing wrong then I would leave well alone for a couple more weeks. I would suggest tight underwear when you out and about to reduce movement. When home wear loose clothing to reduce rubbing. Good Luck

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Thank you it's good to hear


Any updates? I've been dealing with something similar. Small purplish dot (bruise like) under tip of penis (urethra). Quite uncomfortable stinging/burning sensation. Tested negative for STDs. Its been a few weeks and I have not seen much progress.


It's been 4 months, and unfortunately I'm afraid I'm still having some problems.

It's better than it was, bruising gone, but I still think I can detect a red outline where it was - although doctors say they can't.

No STD's here, been tested several times, even after months.

No pain in mornings, discomfort/pain build up over the day which culminates in evening, rubbing against underwear seems to set it off mostly.

To describe the pain - it's like a hypersensitive feeling at first then sore, tender, prickly, slightly hot feeling, never really itchy though. It's mild most days, worse if I am very active.

Bath's eliminate the pain for a while. Weirdly erections and sex seem to reduce/eliminate pain for a bit.

Sometimes physical interactions will set it off - as said the rubbing against clothing, but also if I point him up when in the shower the water hitting the very tip/urethra will cause a sharp shooting feeling.

Due to the length of time it has now been and also due to the particular feelings (heat, prickly, sore) I'm leaning towards a nerve ending problem, and just hoping it get's better by itself - because doctors and even urologists don't appear to be able to do anything and most just say that it's all in my head.

As for releif/self treatments, I've tried wearing tight boxers at first to stop it swinging around, but the constant feeling against tip causes irritation, so I've switched to looser stuff now which helps a bit.

I used some creams for a few weeks including cortisones i.e thrush creams and nappy rash cremes but after a week or so they appeared to irritate it much more.

I beleive vitamin supplements can help for nerve issues - but I've always been sceptical of this stuff.

Plenty of rest initially helps, warmth helps but can sometimes overheat it.

Mentally it's really frustrating just because I cannot get any diagnosis or help, so I don't know what I'm dealing with and have to end up guessing. Also I never know if I'm doing something to make it worse or worringly more permanent, I'm constantly mentally bashing myself for having sustained the injury in first place, constantly thinking about how I'm going to manage when going out of the house to places.

I could see how people could contemplate suicide with any sort of constant pain, and this is relatively mild for me - I am still able to perform daily tasks but it is THAT depressing.

My outlook for now is to just hope that another 4 months down the line I may be relatively symptom free

If anyone wants to share experience/talk more about this then I am willing, god knows I could have done with someone to talk to, especially early on

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Same here, over a year. No std. just red in the top part and not healing. Anything you recommend?

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Are you still having the problem? I'm also curious if you are circumcised, because I have the same issue and wondering what to do. I've found that not touching it or having sex for awhile helps, but when I have sex, it gets bad again.


Are you still having the problem? I'm also curious if you are circumcised, because I have the same issue and wondering what to do. I've found that not touching it or having sex for awhile helps, but when I have sex, it gets bad again.


Hey man, believe it or not, but I have exactly the same issue for around a month already. I had rough drunk oral sex (protected though) and at the same time rough HJ experience with a woman and myself as well. Next day it was all red, painful, irritated from friction. Most of it was gone or I would say all of the redness, but this annoying sensitivity/light pain remained just around the center-left spot on top of penis head. There is no particular redness or rush at all, looks just like it looked before, but if I touch it or if clothes touch it - it's pretty uncomfortable.

I didn't have any STD test yet, but I don't really feel like I could get anything, it was all with condom and I'd have other symptoms already.

I didn't let it heal completely though, every weekend since then I either masturbate or have long sex sessions or have BJs. Funny thing is during masturbation or sex I almost don't feel it at all. It's only most obvious when penis is soft and I just touch this spot for example.

Otherwise - exactly the same symptoms.

If it lasts over 2 months, I will go to urologist I think, but I already see them saying they don't see anything and I just have to wait etc etc. I saw many people posting the same issue online, nobody got any answer to what causes this. Apparently it's related to some kind of damage we get from teeth during oral, but hell, how long does it take to heal??


Same here suffering from the pain for 3 months i visited uroligest made all tests and nothing the pain depressing me

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I'm trying Man1 Man Oil from Amazon now, it's healing, also applying Vaseline with aloe. Let's see how it works out. Also, it's hard but I think staying away from sex/masturbation is a must for a week or two. I kept on doing all of that and maybe just kept breaking the healing process.

Did you try dermatologist?


Same issue here.


I had a vigorous BJ over a condom about 5 weeks ago. Ever since then I've had a really sensitive tip of my penis. Sometimes my penis itself hurts, and sometimes it's just the tip. I'm trying to avoid sex with my GF since it starts to feel better, but that is getting difficult to avoid. It hurts when I exercise because of the rubbing.

I'm circumcised

Tested negative for STD's

I've never been depressed, but now I'm borderline suicidal.

Exercise is part of my life, and now I can't exercise since it hurts my penis to much.

I feel like my intuition is telling me that If I don't touch it or do anything with it for a month, it will heal and everything will be fine. Has anyone tried this?


Has anyone ever been healed?

Are you still having the problem?

Are you are circumcised?


Still ongoing I’m afraid folks , although I would certainly say it’s easier to live with now, like it’s less of a problem than it was , so there is hope.

I’m on to dermatologist now , I’m 99% convinced it’s become a skin issue, it’s often very dry and cracked on the original site but also more of the head. This may be down to something I’ve put on it since the injury last year, literally all sorts has been tried. The best combination I can get is sudocrem and Vaseline . Anything like thrush creams or hydrocortisone tends to hurt and make it peel, so I avoid.

Wear loose 100% cotton boxers , these are the best for comfort.

Try not to google , it just comes up with some awful stuff , none of it has ever been reassuring, and it’s probably far less serious in reality.

Just keep hammering the docs or get referred to specialists , either urologists or dermatologists, or even better a dermatologist specialising in male genitalia (rare!) .

Just watch it out there some people really don’t know how to give a blowjob!! Sucking hard is bad blowjob technique.

And a final point, raise awareness. Too many people caught up in the plight of women these days , you can find tons of help for women’s issues , but extremely little for blokes.

Chin up , don’t give up ,


Hi, a few years ago I had it too. Someone told me to apply daily Shea butter on my penis head. After several weeks it became smooth again, no cracks and no pain anymore. Perhaps you could give it a try? (Btw, I'm circumcised too)

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