Got some questions I'm worried about

It's embarrassing for me to ask this stuff but I'm getting worried I'm 16 and I can't pull foreskin back I tried to recently now the top of foreskin looks red (I think swollen) and has been itchy for a few days now and a sometimes stings alittle or burns alittle (doesn't bother me much)also today I noticed some whiteish yellow stuff watery looking under foreskin after I had a pee idk what this all means if I gotta go doctors I'm kinda worried about explaining to my parents since its very embarrassing but this has all happened in a few days also idk if it's too much masturbation frequently is a cause or if I damaged foreskin trying to retract it I'm just very worried and want to find out (I haven't had any sexual intercourse either)

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  • It is possible that in your effort to pull your foreskin you caused some splits in your skin, and you might have some minor infections because of that. If you keep the area clean and dry for a few days it will probably heal itself. It wouldn't hurt to have a doctor examine your penis to tell you what your options are. Masturbation is a completely normal thing for someone your age, your parents know you are doing it even if you never talked to them about it, same with your doctor. Tight foreskin is also quite common. Just tell your parents you have tight foreskin and that you would like to see a doctor. I bet they would be supportive.

  • Thanks for the quick reply so I guess for now I will try to clean it properly in the shower for next few days and if it's still bothering me IL talk to my parents about seeing a doctor about it

  • The stinging and burning are indicative of a yeast infection. Yeast can also prevent retraction. There are easily obtained over the counter creams to kill the yeast. Simple Athlete’s Foot contains the same active ingredient and can be used. Apply it twice a day to the entire foreskin, inside and out as directed on the label. Discontinue using soap to wash your penis and foreskin as it destroyed the beneficial bacteria. In about a week you should find improvement which will permit painless retraction. If it’s still tight, gentle stretching can cure that. Come back for suggestions on how to do that. You do not need a circumcision.

  • Go chat with your doctor. You won't be the first nor the last with foreskin issues. Avoid statements on here about 'the last thing you should do'. They're not helpful and just biases and opinions. Remember opinions are like arses, we all have them. You need proper medical advice. Good luck.

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