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I think I have some problems with my penis but don’t want to speak to my parents about it

I’m 14 and idk if there is something wrong with my penis. A few things, the first it’s bends to the side and up but when I try to move it in opposite directions i get a pain at the base. I think that the reason my penis is bent is because my on the left side of my frenulum part of the foreskin is still attached to a part of the bottom of my bellend maybe pulling it to one side? Also I think that my frenulum is tight as when I try to pull it all the way back my tip starts to go back and it causes discomfort and I can pull it all the way back. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated. Thanks

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It's very hard to advise on this. It sounds as though there is nothing fundamentally wrong, but it would take a medical practitioner to advise. I would urge you to find the courage to mention it to your parents or see a general practitioner on your own. Your parents should be very understanding and GPs will also be very understanding. There is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of in seeking professional advice about it and as it's clearly bothering you I'm sure they will be able to help or set your mind at rest. Hope this helps.


Thanks for your advice. Is there anything that you’ll be able to suggest might be wrong with part of my foreskin still being attached?


I'm not the best person to advise. It really would be better for GP to examine it. You'll find its a common issue they will have seen before and know immediately what is best for you. Other people on this site have posted similar problems to yours. Follow this link:


It can be different for different people. Most of the time the foreskin should be able to detach from the glans post age 4-5. Some people take longer, might even be till puberty. A bent penis is not a problem in itself, penises usually go to one side over the other, up or down. However if you feel discomfort when you pull it to a side that is probably something that needs to be checked out but that also depends on the severity of the pain.

You are just hitting puberty I assume (you start growing pubic hair around the base of your penis) and during this time your penis will grow. Now the skin is flexible and it will most of the time adjust. What you can keep trying is to slowly pull the skin over your head in warm baths. Take your time and never do it to the extent of it hurting. Just stretch, release, stretch, release in a warm bath.

Now you said you can pull your foreskin down but that could have been also a typo so not sure. If you can pull your foreskin down when flaccid than stretching should help with it, might not be the case however.

If you are not able to pull your foreskin down at all, try stretching anyway it might help but be ready to talk to your parents about it. I know it is hard and might feel embarrassing but your parents have your best interest at heart. Talking to your dad should be easier as he has a penis too and can understand better :). Alternatively you could wait till you are 18 and no longer need to have your parents with you but, if you need a circumcision, you want to have it done sooner, than later ... trust me, you will appreciate it when you get into your later teen years ^^.


I wouldn’t be worried if I was just hitting puberty but that isn’t the case as I started really early, that’s why I’m worrying about the foreskin being attached to the glans because I’m pretty far along with puberty. Thanks for your advice


I would try gently stretching the foreskin while in bath or shower. If it causing you pain then definitely go see Doc. Nothing to be embarrassed about. It just another job to them.

Good luck


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