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Chronic prostatis? Is fatigue common?

Hello everyone. I've had an issue for years which is that everytime I have a bowel movement, a thick white discharge is emitted from my penis. After I leave the bathroom, I feel generally bad and have a burning sensation at the base of my penis and above my bladder, as well as an urge to urinate. These symptoms go away once I've urinated once or twice after already having been to the bathroom. I do not experience any groin pain during the day, these symptoms are only after having a bowel movement. This has been going on for almost 6 years. I'm only 20 years old and can safely say I do not have an STD. I have been having symptoms of constant diffuse pains all over my body, like bone or muscle pain, fatigue, a ticklish feeling all over my body, flatulence, cold hands and feet, and memory problems. I am seeing a rheumatologist for evaluation in the coming months, but was thinking about this prostate issue and whether it could be causing all my symptoms, especially the fatigue? Has anyone experienced the same?

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