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Annoying foreskin

I'm 14 almost 15 and until last year I couldn't even pull my foreskin back halfway, one day I tried really hard to pull it back and with great difficulty I uncovered the source of my problems, it wasn't tight foreskin, it seemed as of smegma had formed a sort of glue that kept the foreskin firmly attached to the head, it left a red mark and stung like hell for about a week, but has since healed and I can now pull my foreskin back over my head, however bits of skin are still clinging onto the underside of the head I'm not sure if this is normal and I want to know if it will affect sex in any way, I also want to know if it would be safe to get rid of these in the same way I did the other part since it seems like it will be a bit different and considerably more painful, thanks for the help

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What you had is normal at your age you should have let the foreskin break away from your glans naturally you could have done more harm than good but it seems you’ve had a lucky escape. Don’t medal with your penis anymore just leave it the glans will start to settle down very quickly and the skin will come away naturally.

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Okay thanks for the help


When in doubt, always better to visit a doctor. The bit of skin at the underside might be the frenullum and that is normal, however I cannot see, nor be 100% sure. Be gentle with your penis as you don't want to bruise yourself or damage something. When it doubt best thing to do is to consult a urologist if you feel something isn't alright.


It's not the frenulum, it a bit to the side of that, will think about seeing someone but from what I have researched the best thing to do is just let it fix itself


Letting something "fix itself" without a consultation with a doctor, in health is literally the dumbest thing to do. I know it might seem as the better option for you now as it eases your frustration by hoping it will, but you have literally nothing to lose by visiting a doctor, and if your urologist says "best thing to let it fix itself" then at least you have it confirmed and can be at ease and not worry about it. Better to be certain now than to regret not doing something about it sooner years from now.


Coat the inside of your foreskin with Vaseline after you have broken the adhesions.


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