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Cannot pull back my foreskin


I want to have sex but I cannot pull back my foreskin in my penis.

Can someone please help me and give me suggestions.

Or do any of you recommend a surgeon to remove my penis foreskin

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I have been circumcised recently but I'd recommend talking to your doctor. Note that some doctors will immediately push for circumcision but you should ask for a steroid cream first. I insisted on trying the cream and while it did make some improvements I had severe problems that couldn't be fixed.

Here's what you should do. Make an appointment with your doctor. And starting today whenever you go into the shower, whenever you pee, try to pull back the foreskin gently. As much as you can without pain and hold it there, do it a couple of times. It gets easier with warm water. Then go to your doctor and ask for a steroid cream. He will tell you how much to apply and in what schedule. Do this after stretching.

If you don't see much progress beyond that and you have frenulum breve too which is harder to fix you should contact your doctor again. He will refer you to a urologist. If your country has long waiting times for the urologist you can ask on the first visit to your GP for a referral to a urologist plus the cream so you can use it while waiting for the appointment.

The urologist will tell you to have surgery. There are different methods. You can have a complete circumcision which will 100% permanently fix your problems which is what I had but remember that the procedure is permanent. The healing times for all surgeries are pretty bad the first 2 to 4 weeks. No sexual activities for 6-8 weeks. Ask your doctor for the consequences of each surgery. Complete circumcision will remove some sensation that is in the foreskin and the glans will desensitize. For me and most other people with severe phimosis (tight skin) won't notice much or little since we don't have functioning foreskins to begin with. It's pain and impossible sex vs possible slightly less pleasurable sex than if we had functioning foreskin (which we don't so we can't compare). The surgeon can also do different things to the frenulum. If you have a complete circumcision that is medically motivated most surgeons will do frenuloplasty which lengthens the frenulum. This is good because a lot of sensation is in there. Unfortunately some need it removed as well.

You can have a partial circumcision, this will remove some of the top foreskin. When flaccid your glans will either be half-covered by the foreskin or bunched up behind it. People get different results. You will retain some of the sensitivity in the foreskin and some in the glans. When erect you will look like you have a circumcised penis. The problem with any other surgery than complete circumcision is that there is a risk the problem will come back and you will have to come back for a complete circumcision which will be another month of healing. This is why a lot of people opt for complete circumcision directly and which is why I did it.

My doctor told me 70% of patients come back within 5 years if they do anything other than complete circumcision.

There is also a preputioplasty, this means they cut up the foreskin and sew it back together so it gets looser. If this works for you it will have the best result but my doctor told me this is the surgery that fails most people unfortunately. Many people are fine for the first years but then it gets tight again.

Lastly there is the dorsal slit. This means your doctor will cut in the opening downwards to the glans bottom. This will create a slit, a "opening" in your foreskin that is permanent. A lot of Filipino men are cut this way through tradition. A lot of people consider this one the aesthetically least appealing since you will have a opening in the foreskin that hangs there. However, this one has a relatively good success rate, relatively fast healing and will retain the foreskin and some of the glans sensitivity.

So as you can see you have a lot of choices. Since you are young I'd recommend stretching everytime you can and with the cream when your doctor prescribes it. Do this for at least three months, maybe six months. If no significant improvement, see the urologist for surgery and pick which one you want. I chose complete circumcision because I have had this problem my entire life and have never been able to have sex, got anxiety over it, stretched with the cream too much so the skin got really thin and because I won't find any other period in my life where I can easily rest for 2-4 weeks. I just wanted it over with. Even though I'm only one week into healing I already feel a surge in self-confidence and self-esteem. In a couple of weeks I will never have to say no to a party or to meet up some people because I knew ahead of time that I can't have sex because it hurts. I think a lot of people had the same motivation as me for getting complete circumcision.

Also some people online will talk 100% negatively about surgery. Don't be afraid of them. Most of them were not circumcised for medical reasons and are angry because of it. It is understandable. You will see them mentioning that 96% of cases can be solved with stretching. Remember that these studies are made on children who have more pliable skin. You aren't abnormal if you can't stretch it or if you get a circumcision. Read testimonials from people who got the surgery as adults for severe phimosis and most people will say they wished they did it sooner. I know I do. But don't get a circumcision if you can avoid it by stretching or if you have functioning foreskin (for future readers). It has a good function. Circumcision is a bad choice if you don't have any problems. I In the end roughly 1/3 of the world's men are circumcised (Muslim people, Jewish people and Americans) and while it is bad they didn't have a say in it most of them are enjoying their sexual life.

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Thank you I will do that

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No problem, don't be afraid to ask if you have more questions.

I was well into my twenties before being able to pull back and it made no difference in my ability to have sex. Most times I wore a condom so no issues there, the first time without, the skin did pull back whilst inside and it was a little painful but I was able to pull it back again with no ill effects. I would try stretching and possibly cortisone creams before considering circumcision. Remember once it is gone, it is gone !

I was circumcised a couple of weeks ago, and lemme tell u, it’s great! Sure it may be painful and a little sensitive once ur done, but once ur fully healed, u feel much more free. Also, u won’t have to worry about ur foreskin not coming back, and removing the foreskin will reduce odor. Also, when peeing the pee flows much more smoothly . From my experience, I would recommend the circumcision, but also to talk to ur doctor first before u make ur decision. The only thing that you would have to worry about when ur healing from the circumcision is the cut getting infected. But it’s really easy to take care of it, so it’s not that bad.

Most of what you just said is very subjective, and you have only been circumcised for 2 weeks so you have no idea really.

You can solve the problem non-surgically.

Circumcision is only done as a last resort. First you should talk to your Dr to prescribe cream ideal to you while doing stretching exercise

You may wear a condom to prevent retraction if you think it possible that it might retract.

You may also use personal lubricant to make penetration easy so that your foreskin is not forced back.

The ability to have sex is not related to prepuce retraction. You should be able to have enjoyable coitus with your glans covered.

Although, the foreskin plays a big role in sex, so you should think about stretching the skin, the movement of the foreskin being pulled back and forth is very pleasurable.

Yeah, and I want to peel back my lips so I'm always smiling!

Your idea sounds just as crazy to me.

Leave things as nature intended!

I just watched a documentary on Netflix, it’s called “American Circumcision”. There is so much helpful information in that movie. The movie is definitely against circumcision and pro uncircumcision. There are techniques discussed in the movie for stretching the foreskin. I would recommend the movie to anybody, male, female, circumcised or uncircumcised. The movie is a real eye-opener as to how damaging circumcision can be. But also has details about stretching the foreskin which may be helpful.

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