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Pretty odd question regarding ejaculation strength

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I'm just going to be blunt with this because I'm not sure how to phrase it. I'm recently 24 years old and the strength at which I ejaculate has declined massively. I used to be able to ejaculate quite a lot and quite powerfully but now there isn't much and it sort of just dribbles out. I know it probably doesn't matter much but any time I look online the only people getting this problem is men in their late 40s/50s so I feel like this shouldn't be happening to me.

I'm not very sexually active if that's any help and my interest in sex is, and has always been, lower than what you'd probably expect from someone my age.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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You may take testesterone injection

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That would lead to shriveling of testicles and a dependence to the injections as the body would shut down production.

Its norm I tend to be like that having wank but if I have high intense sexual experience sudden I spray like a jet ie at beach park dunes walk out site of other and on nude beach already naked have Mrs down on floor wild quick and gun load so don't panic it depends how aroused ur and intense

Start doing kegel exercises to strengthen the little muscles involved. Also cut back on frequency os sexual activity.

He may be a virgin but he has not said that.

I would definitely talk to your doctor just to be safe. But it all depends on what you eat, drink, how long you abstain from sex or masturbating etc. I wouldn’t worry too much.

Can be your normal now buddy, the strength at which I now ejaculate is poor due to medication, do you take any form of medication? But as long as you can ejaculate it doesn’t matter how far it shoots bud

Cenforce D contains sildenafil which is PDE 5 inhibitor that has a direct effect on increasing smooth muscle relaxation and vasodilatation in genitalia that increase the blood flow to penis which lead to erection. In addition to Dapoxetine which is classified to selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors in central nervous system (CNS) which is also used in premature ejaculation.

So, Cenforce D is used to treat E.D and premature ejaculation in turn it will enhance overall sexual performance. Find more info over here:-

Some men shoot and some men dribble. Either way seems to be OK>

I have the same exact problem. I’m 16 and I ejaculate very little. My dick is tiny like a little caterpillar so that might be why.

As looking to your age it's normal but i would say if you have any addiction like pron, smoking or alcoholic then this can led you trouble. I must say please stop all this activities and try to diversified yourself in some other activities that should be of your interest.

Join some good gym or yoga trainers and start making your day healthy. Do meditation this would help you lot. Eating and Sleeping habits make it timely manner this could rid out many problems.

Also eat nuts, leafy vegetables and have more fruits and energy drinks this would keep you fit.

Understood that hence I said doesn’t matter how far he shoots so dribble is possibly his normal

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