Sudden change in erection


I'm a male 34 years old. I'm posting about my first ever erectile mishap / problem. I've been seeing a new girl for a few weeks and we agreed to focus on getting our relationship going first and therefore not to have sex right away.

We do spend time together and slept together in the same bed for the first time last weekend. We stayed in bed pretty much the whole weekend, had no sex but cuddled and played and fondled a lot. I had on/off erections throughout the weekend - very hard when we played and completely soft at times with semi-erections in between.

From the Monday morning, I don't get fully hard anymore. I can get enough of an erection to masturbate but it's not the same. I only achieve maybe 85% of the size and hardness. Ejaculation is less intense also.

What's happening?

I thought maybe it's some kind of exhaustion from being on/off hard an entire weekend but it's been a week now and I'm not returning to normal. I get half erect quite easily, even when just talking to her on the phone or reading her naughty text messages but it never reaches a full size erection.

To make the problem worse, my new girl indicated that she feels we're ready now to actually have sex. I'm seeing her this coming weekend - I have a week to fix my problem!

How do I fix this in a week?



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  • Hi

    You could be stressing far too much, maybe part of the problem or anxiety, the lady must be worth the wait and then worrying about if it will work when needed, have you spoken to your GP? , as long as it works when needed.

  • Thanks

    I have not spoken with anyone yet no. This problem has just come up a few days ago and it's my first time ever. I was hoping it's just something simple such as exhaustion or something...

  • Hi Andrew, the first time ever, as in losing your cherry? If so, just relax and things will come as and when needed, it’s a adventure not a nightmare lol.


  • Performance anxiety! Just be patient and work on your relationship with confidence building.

    You don't have to fix it, but rather share the problem with your girlfriend and then you can both be grateful for the success.

    Worrying will make it worse.

    If progress is slow then get a few viagra to kick start matters form your GP. They will be guaranteed to work

  • Thanks

    You think performance anxiety? That would even affect me when I'm trying alone?

  • Most definitely .Until you get these worries out of your head it will remain with you. So removing the prospect of penetrative in the near future is probably first step and sharing your worries with your girlfriend

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