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Circumcision (London) options

I had a frenuloplasty a few years ago on the NHS, it was an awful experience. The consultant/surgeon was great but the supporting nurses were rude and when i asked about local anaesthetic she put it on my hand! The consultant laughed but I didn't find any of it funny.

I think there's still tightness. I am wondering if the part-circumcision (vertical slit, then glued horizontally) might be a good option to try as i don't think i want a full circumcision, partly because i don't think i'd be able to get used to it and want to keep the op to a minimum.

Can anyone share/advise? Are there any great private clinics? Am 43 and in London. Someone mentioned the Thornhill in Luton, which I'm going to check out online. Thanks.

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*by part-circumcision i mean a preputioplasty


Every operation has potential problems.

Why not just get some hydrocortisone cr and stretch the tissue naturally?


i heard this wasn't a solution for older men, and it has got more difficult to get the cream and do it so that the skin doesn't become stretched too much and damaged. might research it again. finding that there is no obvious private clinic to go to, might also make a gp appointment today and see if s/he knows of a clinic or can give the cream. thanks.


You can buy the cream over the counter. Easy. Further surgery has risks


Have you tried manual stretching with topical steroid ointment application?


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