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Circumcision swelling

I was circumcised about 5 days ago and there are small spots of swelling and 1 big swell on the left side of my penis. I'm scared it will take long to heal I am every athletic and love running. Please help.

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Swelling is very normal, it usually takes 2/3 weeks for the swelling to really do down. After 3/4 weeks you can exercise with caution but take things slow. I wouldn't recommend anything with a seat for at least 6 weeks just in case.

But obviously it's up to you.


Thanks I was really scared something was wrong. I appriciate the reply.


Please don't worry. Your problems will slowly subside over the next 3 or 4 weeks. Circumcision is an unnatural procedure because nature provides all males with a foreskin which was not designed to be cut off. I was circumcised 16 years ago and endured its consequences much as you are doing today.

Believe me, you will learn to cope with a denuded penis if you give it time.



Thank you. 1 question how long did you have to keep bandaging it because my supplies are running out. :/


Only until the stitches dissolved as the wound healed. It took about 4-6 weeks I think, but can't be sure. It was so long ago!

One thing you WILL find is that your permanently exposed glans will be super-sensitive to any external touch, be it your fingers or any light brush of clothing - rather like when we accidentally hit our humerus (funny bone). You will also find masturbating is uncomfortable but will make you ejaculate very fast. This will continue until your glans has dried out and begins to lose its sensitivity incrementally over the following months as the glans' surface grows a protective layer of toughened tissue in place of the foreskin which once covered your penis head before your foreskin was cut off.


Okay thanks for the help! (^.^)


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