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7 days post circumcision swelling


On day 7 for the most part seems to be healing well. Concerned about this one spot on bottom left which is tender to the touch. Does this look like normal healing?

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I'm at 5 days, so a couple of days behind you. I'd say that looks normal. If you mean the bruising on the tip of your glans by the 'spot bottom left' then yes this is normal - I've got it as well - except mine looks like it's been in a gangland punch up - or got a severe case of jaundice - black red and yellow at the same time!

Right under the bruising that part is a little inflamed compared to the rest of it, that’s what i was referring to.

Yes, looks perfectly fine.

allstar1979 in reply to Cipher

Thank you sir

Cipher in reply to allstar1979

The area around the frenullum (bottom side of the penis head and bellow the head) is the most sensitive and takes the longest to heal. At 7 days it looks good. How long have you had that bruise ?

allstar1979 in reply to Cipher

Bruising since the surgery, 1 week

Just realised that you may mean the swelling between the glans and the stitches. It doesn't surprise me and swelling should be expected with the damage to the soft tissue. You could try bathing it in a beaker of salt water and cold compress to the area (making sure to keep the stitches dry) plus anti inflammatories.

What are all the 'bubbles'. I have them too at day 14

allstar1979 in reply to Pulk182

It’s from he stitches. They supposedly subside once the stitches are out and you start healing .

The wound seems to be healing appropriately. How's the pain?

allstar1979 in reply to OCguy

Thanks, you know what, from the surgery I’ve had zero pain. I got 20 oxy and i haven’t had one. I’m on day 9 and the only casual pain is from the stitches rubbing around when I’m walking around. Otherwise, pain free.

allstar1979 in reply to OCguy

The erections are a little tough as well

OCguy in reply to allstar1979

I bet they are, especially with the stitches still in!

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