16 and short frenulum

I'm 15 and my foreskin is retractable when soft but i have a short frenulum/ strip of foreskin attached to the glans of my penis so i cant fully retract or it hurts/just looks weird. When im erect I cant retract further than the head of the glans and I think its due to the short frenulum. Do i need medical attention or can this be solved just by waiting it out or stretching, etc??

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  • Yes.

    Loads of other similar posts on here most days

  • I think you answered your own question. Give it time along with the gentle stretching. If it really bothers you see a Doc but probably nothing that can be done at your age. Don't stress about it, if all works, what's to worry about.

  • Talk to your doctor and have it checked out.

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