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Is my Frenulum too short?

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Probably a dumb question but I just want to make sure. I believe I do suffer from phimosis and this is probably this issue. However, while doing the stretches it looks like the frenulum will not go any further down. I do not experience any pain, yet, around that area. I have had the foreskin forcefully retracted and the frenulum area did not seem to be in pain, from what I remember anyway. I do not know if this is enough information but I just want to see if there are any suggestions.

Thank you in advanced.

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6 Replies
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It’s hard to say without seeing it, does for foreskin pull over your glans while having intercourse?? Do you have to keep pulling it back??

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sad to say but I've only had sex once and that's when she forcefully retracted it. but when it was pulled over the glans, it stayed there. in fact, I thought i had paraphimosis because it stayed behind the glans for nearly an entire day.

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More sex will make it better, also masturbation helps

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You don’t have phimosis. Just apply tension to the opening several times per day. As far frenulum’ if foreskin retracts behind corona, it’s normal. If want more range of retraction, it too will respond to tension. Avoid any surgery.

Masturbate using a steroid cream

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