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Does the frenulum lose it's sensitivity?

My question is, if after the circumcision, does the frenulum lose it's sensitivity? Or it never loses its sensitivity?

Touching the frenulum (of penis) is such a 'painful' touch, so after the circumcision surgery, the glans is exposed, and the frenulum too. So, the glans loses it's sensitivity gradually, but what about the frenulum?

It's been a problem for my son, because every touch of frenulum is painful, even because of clothing. It's really reactive to any touch. Any solution, answers?

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Yes it does lose some sensitivity, but does he need a circumcision? If he retains his foreskin his frenulum shouldn't be touching his clothing. How old is he?

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He is 13, almost 14. Few days ago he had the circumcision surgery just 3 days ago. He says that every touch is 'painful' because of the big sensitivity. So does the frenulum lose the sensitivity? Will this sensitivity will be gone, or it continues causing that discomfort and kind of 'pain' when it gets touched?


It will take a few weeks to heal up and the sensitivity to settle down, but rest assured it is very early days yet and it willsettle in time.Meantime regular paracetamol and care with clothing - or even remaining without clothing!


Yes, it eventually loses some sensitivity but the frenulum take longer to heal than the rest of the affected areas. The first 5 days are the worst. I had mine done exactly 3 weeks and am still healing. It does get a lot better with time


Why did you allow that?


It will naturally lose some sensitivity as will the glans. Over time the loss will increase. Most of the nerve loss is from what was removed however. The damage to the glans is from a thickening of the mucosal covering.


The glans I know looses its sensitivity as for the frenulum I would say so but I’m not sure as the surgeon removed mine during the procedure.


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