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Hi All,

I have recently moved to London. I have been suffering from prostatitis for past 3 years. In past 4 years, I have been quite sick, dealing with an array of issues such as mood problems, food/drug sensitivities, and digestive issues. Unfortunately, I never got to have a proper check up with a set of doctors that really cared about what was going on with me.

I currently hold a pretty good insurance policy. and I will be entitled to private health care as well as the NHS cover. As I stated my condition seem to be quite complex and it probably will require someone who could investigate these array issues with care and someone who could put some time into it. for this I was thinking to start with seeing a private GP. Is this is a good idea? if so can you recommend a good private GP in London who knows what they are doin

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I do not live in London. Only I want to tell you that prostatitis is not easy to treat. You must be constant and precise in your therapy. An andrologist or a specialist in infectious diseases should be able to advice you which therapy is the most suitable for you. But you have to be patient, precise and continuous in your therapy. I had prostatitis for many years, and only a 90 days ciprofloxacine treatment was able to overcome the continuous recurrence of the infections.


Best plan is always to start with the GP!

Have you tried herbal medicine? My husband had prostatitis for years and it was cured by a herbal medicine called diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. You can give it a try if you have no good idea.

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