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Frenulum tear + disconfort

Ihave recently become sexually active, and while having sex with my partner i tore my frenulum, we proceded having sex nd alsi 2x again in the morning i knew i was sore but i pushed through it. I have given my self 7 days rest with no sexual activity. Before my foreskin wouldnt pull back in full erection now it does but it feels very tight around the part under the gland/head and the foreskin wont move freely in full ercetion. While having sex yesterday after 7day rest i notice the tightness and the slight disconfort was masking the pleasure so i had a prolonged session in which my partner felt she was doing something wrong as i wouldnt achive climax. I removed the condom while we switched positions ( nd yes we tryed many) and got climax after 5 to ten mins after. Its seems the tightness is causing my to be less sensitive nd my partner was not happy about how long is was going for. My question is: will my forskin get wider so it wont be so tight or do i have to see a GP?

Bear in mind im quite new to sex nd before this lady in my life i had sex once.

Thus could be impactufull in a new relationship so i need to grt this sorted ty in advance for any responses.

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I think you'll be better seeing your GP/MD, depends where are from, if your lady isn't in agreement keep your eyes on her, I'm sure she can be trusted.

Best of luck.


Just give it time and it will all sort itself out. Nothing to worry about. Nature will settle it without any medical intervention. Just ensure you have adequate lubrication and gently stretch the foreskin in the bath with soap


It appears inspection is required


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