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Adult circumcision. Post opp

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Anyone else have pain around the base of the penis? I feel like the skin is pulling from the base and my body. I originally thought it was from the shots he put in the base of my penis but that bruising has gone away and the skin at the base just feels a lot tighter and slightly uncomfortable.

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I think your doc cut you tight.

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Ire_cali in reply to Whothefuck

Do you think the pain will go away? I'm on day 10 post opp.

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Whothefuck in reply to Ire_cali

Yes it is, your penis should be better in day 14++


Swelling can cause the pulling as well. It's skin so eventually it will stretch out and you will be fine. Hard to say without a picture but you can always check with the person that performed the op.

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Ire_cali in reply to Cipher

Its still painful around the pelvic bone. I have a picture on my last post that you can see it pulling but I'll post a new one in a bit. Thank you.

Your doctor probably took off too much skin. I imagine you will have painful erections.

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Ire_cali in reply to Bucky85

It's been 9 weeks now and the pain around the base is gone. I'm a bit longer than "usual" so I'm told. I was concerned that it was cut too tight as well but it has got a lot better except for the hard scar line around my cock is still pretty hard. You can see the scar line in my previous post. Other than that I feel it came out pretty good. I was gonna post an update picture but it seems to be good now.

I am glad you are happy with the outcome.

Everyone is different. The body views circumcision as a threat and it can be sore to touch and generally uncomfortable for 20 weeks. Depends on age and general health, for example can slow healing considerably in my experience. Still sensitive after a year post op. I’m 72 years

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