Weird bump on my penis

Weird bump on my penis

Hello! I have this weird sort of whitish-yellowish bump on my foreskin. It dissappears completely when I'm flaccid and my foreskin is pulled up. If I pull it halfway down it's the most visible. I took a picture of it and added it to this post. It's painless and I've had it for as long as I can remember. My question is, is it just a cyst or could it be something more dangerous? I'm 19 years old and haven't had sex so it can't be a STD.

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  • It could be a sort of and just needs squeeeezing, I had something very similar on my gonads and I gave it a good squeeeeezing and pop then I bled to death, lol not really I didn't dye from that, lol. Get it squeezed and make sure you only stir your tea or coffee with it until it's healed.

    Dr dick the American ball tosser.

    I bet this one disappeares quick lol.

  • Genital herpes bud

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