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I am a 53 year old man with low thyroid issues .6 months ago I suddenly stopped sleeping .After numerous visits to the GP and only interest was tablets to sleep with or anti depressants .I gave into sleeping tablets as I was so desperate .

I have since discovered the link between the thyroid sleep and looking after my liver .None of this explained by my doctor.

Has anyone out in the big wide world had any similar issues and can offer any advice .


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Hi Rocky123. I too have sleep problems and from what I've read it is a common problem with hypothyroidism. The first thing I did was check my Cortisol levels. The test which I did (privately) showed I had high levels of Cortisol throughout the day. Maybe this is what you need to look at. I believe the best test involves 4 saliva samples taken throughout the day and not a blood test.


HiDingdingdong thanks for your reply .What have you done to help your sleep improve?


I've started taking two things Seriphos and Holy Basil. Dependent on what your cortisol levels are depends on what you take to either lower or raise it. Have you heard of a web site called Stop The Thyroid Madness? You'll find a lot of information there about hypothyroidism. There is also a Facebook group called FTPO (For thyroid patients only) and there is a UK/Europe section. Very helpful and lots of knowledge there about Hashimotos but sadly for me not many with thyroid cancer. The FTPO group also has an Adrenals page which has information about cortisol issues


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