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2 Weeks post circumcision operation! An update!

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So today marks two weeks since surgery and I won't lie they've been 2 very difficult weeks and Im sure week 3 will present some new challenges!

Biggest changes this week have been the pain which has pretty much subsided. Sleep is fine now although i still wake up a few times, it isn't painful anymore.

Aesthetically things are looking good. Stitches are still in but i expect them to start dissolving anytime soon. Swelling has gone down as well. The only area that looks bad still is the frenulum but thats the part that takes the longest time to heal.

Biggest problems I'm now facing are the sensitivity issue which is slower getting better but still a major issue which I believe is the last big hurdle to get over. Other issues being the skin being super dry on my head and peeling off but I think that's normal as bad as it looks right now. And the last problem which has been noticeable in recent days is being super horny aha. Pre op I was a one a day guy so not being able to is tough but I'm glad things are still working in that department as tough as the next few weeks are gonna be not to be able to use it.

Thanks for reading any questions you have feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer and if anyone has any advice for any of he issues I highlighted that would be great.


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Congrats! It looks everything is fine and the healing is making great progress. Yeah I know, the horniness can be a burden at this stage. As a one a day guy myself I know what you are going through. But it's worth the waiting. I can assure you it's gonna be great when this is all behind you. Take care!

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xcix99 in reply to timmyboy20

Thank you and I'm sure you are right about it being worth the wait.

Just hoping the hypersensitivity sorts itself out soon.

I’m at 1 month Post now. Sensitivity went down about day 3 or 4 after putting on underwear and not having any bandages. I can pretty much walk around now and not feel it, other than a little sensitivity from the actual incision area.

Went for my checkup yesterday doctor said i can start getting frisky but i don’t know if i feel comfortable with that yet as it is still a little swollen in the frenulum area as well...

God speed

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xcix99 in reply to allstar1979

Give it as long as you feel you need to. Obviously just take it easy when you do decide to give it a go. I'm sure you'll be fine. Good luck

I am day 12 myself. the stitching is still there for me too - and as it is a sort of yellow/orange colour, it does stand out :-). I am also a one a day guy, and have managed to get myself off with fingertip management for the first time - took ages but still satisfying, if messy :-) . Considering in the past I occasionally had a problem keeping it up, this was a significant moment for me in more than one way!

If anyone has tips regarding post op jacking off, please let me know as - 1) I will NOT be going near the stitches (ever!), and 2) I have no idea, now that I am without the foreskin, I have no idea as to how I am meant to come. I considered putting a condom on and lubing it, but the idea of pushing a condom over the stitches scares me silly. My wife is avoiding the area like the plague / fears hurting me, so for another 4 odd weeks I expect her to be of no use whatsoever :)

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xcix99 in reply to Skewiff

I'd be very careful doing anything until the stitches are out and then give it a week once they are gone if you can. From what I've read lube is a must for newly circumcised people. Over the time people say they learn and find different areas that they find satisfying. So really give it another 2 weeks if you can and then use lube and see how it is. Like I say I've heard it's about trial and error in regards to finding new spots that give you the most stimulation. Good luck mate.

I am 10 days post op! Mine is still very swollen, both the shaft and the incision area "ring." I really hope the swelling starts to subside. I started taking 1 ibuprofen every day to see if the swelling may go down, but it hasn't affected it yet. :(

I just started not putting gauze in my underwear today, but still putting vaseline on the glans since I am still oozing yellow fluid, so I don't want the glans to stick on the underwear...causing a lot of pain when tearing apart!

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xcix99 in reply to j_flow230

Don't worry to much swelling can take a few weeks to go down. I just got lucky with her qYockleton mine has. Salt baths help the swelling so if you can have a salt bath everyday that should help. Maybe get in contact with your urologist or doctor about the yellow pus and swelling they may be able to give you something to help or at least ease you mind.

Good luck hope all sorts itself out soon.

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j_flow230 in reply to xcix99

I have been taking epsom salt baths everyday after day 2. Hasn't helped either :(. I went to a urologist 2 days ago and said the yellow fluid will keep happening until all the swelling is gone and the swelling will stay until all the stitches start dissolving away since my body is trying to fight the stitches away by bringing lymph fluid there. So I hope after these annoying stitches are gone, healing will get faster and swelling also hopefully will go away!!

Hi xcix99,

I'm om day 15 post opp now and can now see a light at the end of the tunnel!!(finally)

1 or 2 stitches have come out but seem to be healing well, I've been goin to my GP every week to make sure I'm healing well and he's advised all is goin well, so I'm happy!! I'm same as you 1 a day guy and I'm finding I'm being really horny now and trying to stay away from the Mrs!!

Can I just ask how are you know as I think you posted this about 5 months ago?

How is it down there and how is sex now?

Thanks in advance

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