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I think I need to get circumcised

I am 17 stone , medication infers with me getting an a erection , my penis is very small because being overweight , got a lot of skin over the head , I have to sit going to pee .I feel I need to be circumcised . Can anyone give me advice

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Hi Jon-boy.

From what you say your GP is treating you for an ongoing problem. If you haven't mentioned this to him I would encourage you to do so. Your doctor could indicate your ideal weight and help you to safely diet to achieve this. I expect once the fat disappears you will discover a longer penis. I am an ardent supporter for guys getting circumcised for health and ethics grounds but to say that will be the magic answer would be deluding you mate. Get that fat off first and then decide whether you wanna have a bare head like me . All the best Jon-boy.


Hi Snip.

I am using myfitnesspal to log all the food I eat , plus Exercise i do.I start working in a hospital in 1976 and took medical early retirement in 2007 . That start my weight gain I went from 14 Stone to 20 stone using my fitnesspal at the moment down to 16 stone. I spoken to my doctor about not getting an erection , it's because nether medication I am on . When you lose weight , you could have loose sagging skin . Also I have asked him about using a vacuum pump he said yes . I am getting fed up with trying to pee straight and not it going every where


Hi Jon-boy

Your reply to me clarifies your original posting. Seems we have two distinct issues. One of weight and the other penis . The weight problem you seem to be sensibly addressing. Taking the weight off slowly with exercise should help you maintain weight at your optimum figure. Also there is less of a tendency of flabby skin arising.

Regards your cock I can see where you are coming from. It must be most upsetting trying to pee through a long foreskin with urine splashing on you and presumably damp pants from dribbles. Seems if you have concluded that circumcision is the answer and I would agree.Finally all I would say is all the best in your endeavours. Let us know how you are doing and when you get clipped.


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Hi Snip

Due to pain of my back not sleeping the Surgery has a online appointment system if I am awake , I am going to get to see him on Monday. I have found that by shaving my pubic hair , with this problem makes smell cleaner


Ok mate .Hope the appt goes well. Trimmed pubes are more hygienic and look good to. Cheers


Get checked for diabetes, keep working at that weight and fitness, discuss with your GP about circumcision


Hi goldfish . See my relplies to Snip thanks


I share your pain mate.

I'm 36 years old, 21 stone and diabetic.

Due to the weight my penis is buried when soft although I don't have any issues getting an erection.

I had a circumcision 6 days ago due to my foreskin not retracting at all which had been an issue for many years which resulted in skin splitting and pain after sex and masturbation.

The opp is relatively painless but recovery is sore as with my dick being buried so much it pulls on the stitches.

It took me many years to pluck up the courage to go to Doctors with this due to being embarrassed about the size of my body and penis.

I've seen around 4 different docs now and they don't bat an eyelid so there's really nothing to be afraid of.

I've posted a pic on a previous post if you wanted to have a look.

Look forward to chatting again if you like.



Your primary problem is the weight. When you lose weight, the fatty pubic pad will shrink and much of your penis will emerge from the fatty pad and your foreskin will get shorter.

If you are taking medication that prevents an erection, then that is a separate problem that will not change as long as you have to take that medication.

Circumcision is not a magic solution. It is a harmful operation with a difficult recovery. It takes the pleasure nerves off of the penis. It should be a last resort.


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